A New Who


It’s no secret that I’m a lover of various fandoms. One fandom that I enjoy every season is Doctor Who. I started watching with Tennant. I laughed and cried through the various adventures of Eccleston (I went back and watched), Tennant and Smith. When Capaldi came along I was starting to fall off. There was something that just wasn’t there for me. I hated the companion (still wish they would have killed Clara and let her stay dead). Bill came along and it was a breath of fresh air. But something there was something… I don’t know. Lost when it came to the Doctor.

Then they started to spread rumors and speculation. The Doctor was going to be this Kris Marshall dude, Eddie Redmayne, Tilda Swinton, Halie Atwell. And what I’ll call The Great Debate started. Should the Doctor. A character that’s been around for eons be a woman.
We were told that we would have the announcement after Wimbledon. I was focused on Twitter, waiting just like everyone else to see what would happen. And then this beautiful creature was given the key to the TARDIS.


I, personally, have no clue who Jodie Whittaker is. But she’s the new Doctor. There are people that are flipping out because the Doctor, a role that’s always been a man, is now a woman.

Now I’m going to jump back to a conversation that I had with Tia. I was against the idea of a female Doctor. The Doctor had always been male, and if they make him a her, things are bound to get over sexualized and we’ll lose the core of why people love Doctor Who. But then we started talking, and I started thinking. Missy was The Master. Michelle Gomez was EPIC in that role. No one saw it coming and she was phenomenal with it. The majority of the companions were female (here’s looking at Mickey, Jack, Grandad, Rory and Nardole 🙂 ). And I started to break them down into roles of their relationship with The Doctor. But there was a sort of growth that happened in the companions, and it was leading to this change.

I will be the first to say, Clara became too big for her britches (an old term, I know. It’s not false though). Her arch went from being “The Impossible Girl” that was meant to save the Doctor, to the “The Plucky Assistant” that thought she could BECOME the Doctor (that’s my major problem with her). Her entire death was HER FAULT simply because SHE DIDN’T THINK THINGS THROUGH like the Doctor would. And in the end, he would pull her @$$ out of the fire again, and again, and again, until he couldn’t.

With Bill, we returned to the kind of Doctor where the questions came back into play. She had this thirst for knowledge that made me enjoy having her around. What got tiring, was the focus on her sexuality. I was over it by the end of her second episode to be totally honest. But I will admit, I was upset and cried a little with the season finale.

And here we are. On July 16, 2017, Peter Capaldi has said that he’s going to hang up his sonic and we now have a new Doctor. She’s got the key to the TARDIS

Jodie Whittaker has been revealed as the 13th Doctor, and social media is losing their minds! I’ve seen people that love the choice, and others that hate the choice, and then there is a third choice….

Those that simply hate that BBC has chosen a woman to play The Doctor.

Like I said before, I have never seen Whittaker act. There are a LOT of people saying that she’ll be great for the role. I hope they are right. She looks like she would fill the role well. She doesn’t look like the plucky young starry eyed female it seemed like the show was always going to go for (I loved Karen Gillian, we went over my feelings for Jenna Coleman.) This woman looked like she would be able to hang with Rose, Martha, and Donna. The adventures she could have with River would be endless. I kinda want to start a petition to have Jack come back just to see her (and I still want to know how he becomes the Face of Boe.) and be like “Doctor….” But again, that’s just me.

The people that are hating her being the choice, well, the ones that are in the usual cycle of “I don’t like it, but I’ll give it a chance.” I’ve been there. With BOTH Smith and Capaldi. Actually, I was more livid with Capaldi because he had already been on the show. I felt that while they may move people from one role to become a companion later was okay, but not for the Doctor! But they made it work. and I was wrong.

But there’s this… sect of people. Oh. My. Gallifrey! They have totally missed the point of this show (And coming from me, that’s saying something.)

One person said “Why are they pushing gender issues in a children’s show? How am I supposed to explain this to my kids?”

I’ve seen 2 Time Lords change from men to women. There was a commander in the Gallifreyan army that changed from an old white man into a black woman and Missy. It’s been explained in the show, Time Lords are not gender-exclusive. And you’ve already seen the man change TWELVE times! Change is good.

Another person went on and on about how “My childhood is ruined!”

Um… have you seen the Jem Movie? GI Joe? Transformers? My childhood has been raked over the coals and I’m still standing. Get over that. Honestly. We’re all adults here… mostly.

And I think my personal favorite is

“We should make Wonder Woman a man, and see how they react to that!”

Dude. Really? Let’s take Wonder Woman (a female that’s super strong, can fly, is a superhero with a secret identity) and make her a man…. *cough* Superman *cough* *cough* Shazam *cough* Sit down, your argument is beyond invalid.

But what a lot of the people that said those comments also say “I won’t be watching anymore.” And here’s where I say, you’re missing the point of the show.

Doctor Who, from my understanding, is a show about change. Change is good. Sometimes, change is bad. Change is inevitable. The only thing constant about change is that it changes.

Get over it. Really, if you’re upset that we’re getting a FEMALE Doctor, just on the fact that she’s a FEMALE, then that is a problem that YOU have to deal with. Just like if the Doctor had been cast as a black man, or anything other than a White male with some sort of accent (although, now that I think about it, I’d back Channing Tatum as the Doctor jk.)(But really, they never have an American accent. Maybe an American accent is England’s Accent of Evil. IDK), people would have flipped out. The world is changing. Everything else has started to change. It’s time that visual media change with it.

*whew* I didn’t think this would be THIS long. It’s a little all over the place, I know. But this is just how I feel. I’m not going to turn off my comments. If you want to talk like an adult about Whittaker (I’m going to use her last name because I’ve done that with EVERY other Doctor and won’t change), fine. But I’m not going to get involved with online word wars.


I can’t wait till Christmas! 🙂