Serial Sunday! First Post!!!


Hey everyone! Sunday is here and I’m going to start with Serial Sunday! I spent a good deal of yesterday getting everything up on my website and it’s all working!!! I’m so excited! Anyway, I’m sure that you all want to see the prologue that I cooked up. And there’s also a full explanation about where I got the idea for this on my site… Hope you enjoy!!!!

Fate’s Coin: Heads

The Twilight is coming. What was at once pure is quickly becoming what it hunts. Puppets and masters alike will suffer with the decisions of the past and future. But nothing will be settled until Fate’s Coin lands on its edge. And the grey child will be the one to tear the world order down and bring about Chaos.

Two women sat in an office overlooking the cityscape. Both were impeccably dressed, but there was a coldness surrounding the younger of the pair. Her coffee colored skin glowed in the moonlight as she read words that could either be her salvation, or her demise. Dark eyes regarded the prophesy in her hand. “Is this all that came to you?” the lean woman asked.

“Yes Theresa,” the older woman replied. “You know my visions work no differently than yours. All I can interpret is that for some reason or another, your next target is going to set all of this in motion.”

Theresa frowned at the woman she once called family. “Setting this into motion will be the only chance to be rid of Red Queen.” She stood and walked over to the picture window and looked out into the city landscape. “Their illusion needs to end,” she whispered before glancing over her shoulder. “You will contact me if you see something else,” she said in a dangerous tone.

Tori Croft’s brown eyes narrowed for a moment. It had taken her years of blood and tears to be freed from Red Queen’s iron fist. She would be damned if she would just fall to the whims of a child she raised. “No, I won’t,” she said coldly. Tori ignored Theresa and made her way to the door to the office they were sitting in. “Red Queen needs to fall. I will not argue that. But I will not be the instrument for you to become them.”

Theresa simply arched an eyebrow. “You’ll tell me,” she said once again. A cold smirk crossed over her face as her second in command walked into the office. Tori’s indignant snort almost made her want to smile. “I’ve already seen it, Aunt Tori.” Theresa then looked at the man wearing a dark leather jacket and blue jeans. “Is it done?” she asked.

Tori knew when she was dismissed. She shook her head and looked at Theresa’s teammate. “You’re biting off more than you can chew,” she warned. When the man grinned at her she frowned deeply. “Especially you, Jaegar.”

He grinned, showing off a row of white teeth and an almost boyish gleam in his eyes. “Don’t I always?” he asked in return. As she shook her head he gestured to the door. “Take the stairs. It’s the only way out that isn’t rigged yet.”

Tori slowly inhaled as she took one last look at the pair. Yes, she would be seeing them again. With the chaos about to surround them all, it was going to be inevitable. A grin crossed her face as she thought about what was about to come. “Jaegar,” she said pleasantly. When he looked at her, she continued. “Make sure you wear Kevlar tomorrow,” she said before leaving.

Jaegar frowned as he looked at the woman walking out of the door. Her mental blocks were too good for him to penetrate, which only meant she wanted to tease and annoy him. With a growl, he turned to the other Precog he lived to annoy. “It all begins tomorrow,” he said walking over to the small candy dish sitting next to the keyboard. He easily took one of the hard candies and started to unwrap it. “This bank will go, and White Queen will lose their base of operations.”

Theresa frowned as she looked at Jaegar. “No, they won’t.” She saw a shadow coming down the hall and nodded at another of her team. “They will lose two of their best, and gain the one that can bring everything down around Red Queen’s ears.”

Jaegar could only smirk as he thought of the visions Theresa shared with him. While Michael and Lily Ramsey were the targets Red Queen assigned them, their real target were the couple’s eldest daughter.
Sage Ramsey had the power and the drive to destroy Red Queen, and leave room for their team, Rapier, to take over.

Jaegar could only grin as he looked at the Japanese man slowly walking into the office. “Are your preparations complete Takeshi?”

Theresa looked at the newest member of her team with indifferent eyes. “I’m leaving. Is my elevator secure?”

Takeshi bowed his head slightly. “Yes Empress,” he said lowly.

Jaegar’s eyes rolled. He should have known that the insane man wouldn’t answer to him. For some reason Takeshi had taken to Theresa and would cater to her every whim. “Let’s go. The morning will be busy enough, and I need my beauty sleep.”

Theresa absently wiped at her skirt. Her plans were coming together. Soon she would be free to live her own life as she saw fit. And her first order of business would be an all day spa. She walked out of the office, her heels clicking on the tile. “Come Takeshi,” she called behind her.

Jaegar looked at the family photo next to the candy dish and admired both Sage Ramsey and her younger sister Clover. From Theresa’s visions little Clover would also be useful in the future, but only because her sister would do anything for her. “I’ll see you girls tomorrow,” he said quietly. He then chuckled as he went after his teammates.

Clover Ramsey rubbed her arms as she followed her sister down the street. They agreed to meet their parents at their office building down town, but Clover found herself not wanting to go. After this morning, she didn’t want to meet them. She could give up the promise of a car as a birthday present easily if it meant her nightmare wouldn’t come true. Clover took a deep breath as her sister approached the building.

Sage turned toward her sister. Her long black hair lifted in the breeze as a rare and radiant smile across her face. “Come on Clove. You’ve been bugging Daddy for months about getting you a car. Don’t chicken out now.”

It felt like the air had been snatched away from her lungs. “Sage, please,” she pleaded. Her eyes filled with tears as Sage approached the building. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. She would have to change the future, fate be damned. “It’s going to explode!” she screamed.

Sage turned and looked at her sister. Her eyes went round as the building started to rumble.

To Clover’s horror, everything played out in slow motion. Sage turned toward her and took two steps. Suddenly, glass and steel work shot out and engulfed her. Clover was knocked back off her feet as she screamed for her sister.

Long moments passed. Clover forced herself to sit up as people screamed and ran away from the building. Her vision came true, but she also changed it. The heat of the flames caressed her as she saw Sage’s broken body.

“Well I’ll be damned,” a man’s voice said in partial awe. “Delphi isn’t going to like this,” he said mockingly.

Clover turned and saw a tall man wearing blue jeans, a black tee-shirt and a brown leather jacket. Next to him was teenage boy wearing slacks and a dress shirt. “Who are you?” she asked. Clover fought her way to her feet and felt something wet sliding down the side of her face. “Did you do this?”

The man grinned at her. With his richly tanned skin, trimmed mustache/goatee, and deep brown eyes, he would have been attractive. But with fires raging behind her, and a knowing look in his eyes, Clover was completely disgusted.

The teen looked at both sisters before turning to his partner. “We should leave,” he said calmly. “This will have to be reported and changes made.”

Clover’s eyes narrowed. “You did this, didn’t you?” she asked. When the taller man stepped closer to her, she backed away. “Don’t come near me,” she hissed.

He continued to grin, appearing even more devious than before. “Oh look, the kitten has claws,” he mocked. In the time it took her to blink, he crossed the distance between them and pulled her close. “You have no clue who you’re dealing with little girl. I will advise you to stand down.”
She looked into his rich brown eyes and tried to breathe. The longer she started at him, the more she wanted to do as he said. “You did this,” she whispered.

His grin turned into a smile. “You will never be able to prove it,” he responded. His eyes then widened when he felt her hand close around the knife hidden under his jacket.

Clover’s eyes nearly glowed with rage. She gripped the hilt of the knife and slashed upward. As the stranger backed away gripping his chest, she felt an invisible force wrap around her body and hold her still.

The silent teenager stepped closer to his partner and frowned. “We’ve wasted enough time Artemis. We need to leave.”

Artemis growled lowly as he walked over to Clover. “I’ll see you again soon Kitten.” He pulled his knife out of her hand and shoved it into her side. “But you need to sharpen your claws first,” he said over her cry of pain.

Clover couldn’t catch her breath as she fell to the ground. Her eyes drifted over to where Sage was laid out and tears fell from her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she whispered as her world went dark.

Artemis looked at the girl at his feet. Theresa had told them that Sage Ramsey would be the one to make the difference that could free them. Nothing was ever said about Clover. She was the one that was supposed to end up in a coma. Sage would have been the one to do everything possible to make sure her sister was protected. Clover was an uncalculated variable, and he didn’t like it at all.

“Jaegar,” his partner said sharply. “We need to leave.”

Dark eyes looked at the recent graduate from Red Queen. Able Adams was supposed to be one of the most powerful telekentics to ever come through their “education.” As it stood, Jaegar was far from impressed. The teen stuck to his rules as much as Theresa did. Jaegar wiped at the blood on his chest and frowned. “Tori knows something,” he said, remembering how she warned him. In the distance, Jaegar heard sirens coming. A growl escaped him when he caught a glimpse of Takeshi in a near alley. “Fine. We’ll sort this all out later,” he grumbled as he moved toward his own car.

So that’s it for this week, please check back next week for Chapter 1!!!

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Fate’s Coin… Coming Soon…


Alright… I think I’m going to call my idea “Sunday Stories” Okay, I may have to work on that… but ANYWAY!!! I’m excited because I found an idea I was going to use from a fan fic that I wrote. The only problem was that the more I thought it out, the more it seemed to mirror the fanfic. So here’s what I’m going to do… on Sundays, I’m going to try to post something from “Fate’s Coin” series I was cooking up. You can all tell me if it’s good, bad or inbetween. Here’s what I’ve come up with as a blurb…

One moment in time destroyed her family.

One wary decision changed the course of her life.

Clover Ramsey is a Precog. She is a young woman with the power to see into the future. Little did anyone now, because of a nightmare just before her birthday, Clover wasn’t put into a coma during the explosion that killed her parents. Her sister was.

In order to pay for her sister’s medical bills, Clover has joined a group called White Queen. They were originally created to bring justice to those that seem above the law and untouchable. After years in the organization, Clover is transferred to the team known as Poker. Where she is given the opportunity to find out exactly who killed her parents.

Little does she know that along with White Queen, there is a rival group that is also after Clover and her sister, Sage. It’s up to Clover and her new team to come together and find out what is really going on before
Fate’s Coin is flipped.

Now, keep in mind that I have other things going on, but I’ll try to keep this going as long as I can!!!
See ya tomorrow!!!!
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What I Think I May Do…


Hey everyone!

Just checking in while I’m sitting here and pondering my WIP. Serena and Aidyn are coming together in a push/pull relationship. But while I’m working on that, there are a few other files on my computer just sitting here. So as an exercise I was thinking about posting the chapters and seeing what everyone thinks.

My only problem may be in picking something worth posting… As soon as I have it fixed up pretty, I’ll have it posted here for you!

Keep an eye out!!!!!
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The End of an Era…


Hey Everyone!!!!

After 3 straight weeks of travelling around, I am finally home!!!! Now it’s time for me to get back into the swing of things and get on with my WIP. I still don’t know what I’m going to call it. But I think I want to get father into it before I really start pondering that one.

I also have to grab a couple of friends and see about a cover… or even modeling for a cover…. between me and Tia, I’m sure we can cook up something.

I also went and saw Harry Potter. I have to say, I think I’m at peace with it. Ten years ago they set out to do something, and they did it beautifully. We have watched Harry, Ron and Hermione grow, and considering how much was left out of the other movies, this final one tied up all of the loose ends that were included in the movies.

But I will say that Alan Rickman deserves an Oscar (or at least an MTV movie award) for his role as Snape. He played the role so well that all I wanted to do was apologize for what I thought about his by the end of Half Blood Prince.

Anyway! The end of Harry Potter is the end of an Era for me. I won’t go back to the fanfic that I was writing… (okay, I will to read it) but I will be there watching and reading the novels that were my daughter’s bedtime stories.

Alas poor Voldermort, I knew him well…

LMAO!!! That’s all from me for now!!! I may tell you about the inspiration that I’m getting from my trip to Luray last week!!!

Later People!!!!
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