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It’s not a lot, but I’ll keep them updated as often as possible!!!

From my Maxwell Investigations Line:

Maxwell Investigations Book 1

When a body ends up on the interstate, all of the evidence leads to some sort of
Paranormal being. It becomes the responsibility of Crispin Solomon, Prince and
ruler of the Vampire Nobility, to track down who could have done such a

It also provides him with the perfect excuse to employ a certain
Mage that he had been obsessed with over the past few years.

Dylan Maxwell is a woman who knows how to run her business. She’s the youngest of the
Maxwells, a known and respected family of Keepers (Mages charged with policing
the Paranormals). Dylan reluctantly takes the case of the dead man from New
Jersey. But she soon finds herself thrown into a new world with entirely new

And with Crispin at her side, Dylan finds out exactly how anger
and hate can change into passion and love faster than her Transmutation Gloves
can allow.

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Madison Maxwell was once the feared Necromancer, and a wild woman with a vivid temper and the ability to raise the dead. Now she is a single mother that loves to spoil her twin sons.

Troy Davenport is a Werewolf that has spent the last four years of his life learning what he is, and longing for Madison. After spending one night with her in his arms, he wanted her back, and this time, forever.

After learning of her brother’s folly on an assignment, Madison must take up her title once again, or the Paranormal world that they have all worked so hard to hide will be pulled into the light of day. But there is also the chance that doing so will cost her everything.


Months ago, Barry Maxwell had a taste of forbidden fruit. Now, Lily wants nothing to do with him.

For years, Lilavanti Dallas hid behind a quiet and meek nature. No one would have suspected she was really a Succubus under all of her wraps and saris… until Barry.

Prophesies and secrets collide while Barry tries to carve a place in Lily’s life. And when sinister plans threaten to bring about Armageddon, Barry and Lily must figure out if their attraction will be the start of something good, or if it will destroy everything.

And from my High Council line:Dragon's Awakening Reissue cover

Chance Dupree is a young Elemental Mage. She has lived her life in hiding and has spent most of her time to the study of Magick. Now, a member of a team of Hunters, she meets one Demon that changes the very fiber of everything she believes.

Christobal Cavolcanti has spent the past two thousand years searching for two things. His revenge, and the reincarnation of the woman he loved. One Halloween night, he finally finds her. The reincarnation of his gentle love… but when she puts a gun to his throat, he begins to realize that Chance may have his love’s soul, but she’s her own woman.

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2 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Elise

    Hi, I love your Maxwell Investigations series and I was wondering if you had any idea when Auspicious Affairs was going to be released, as I cannot wait to read Victor and Leigh’s story. 🙂

    • I’m shooting for AA to be done some time this year, at worst, early next year… I’m sorry about the wait, but I’m also working on a new line that I’m hoping everyone enjoys just as much. 🙂

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