Almost There!!!


Hi Everyone!!!

Today’s post is really just an update. I’ve been going round and round with ideas and where One for Sorrow is going. I have written Chapter 13 and the beginning of Chapter 14 at least 3 different times.

I’ve been struggling with these various situations. I’ve introduced characters for 5 of the 7 novels. But after that it seems like I’m running out of gas.

Now, I’ll admit, EONS ago, I came across a fan fiction story that was really good. It had me and a friend of mine wrapped up in it. We were invested. Each of the characters had a pairing, everyone was gearing up for the big battle…

… And then the final chapter was just a really long author’s note. She didn’t like writing battle scenes, so she was just going to skip it. If we wanted to know what happened that badly, we could write it ourselves, as long as the characters ended up in the ways she laid out.

I never want to do that to my readers. Even when I was writing fan fic… yet, I’m at that point where I know it’s going to take a lot to finish out this last battle and these few closing and set-up scenes.

So I can say that I’m almost done. I wish I could sit back and be like “I’m done! Break out the dancing Kitty!!!”, but I’m not.

All I can say is that I’m working on it. Other characters are trying to talk to me (Leigh) and I’m trying to ignore them. Hopefully next time I’ll have more news for you…. But for now, just know that I’m still working on it!!! 🙂

Till next time!
Dawn 🙂

Ready & Waiting…


Hey everyone!!!

I’m not sure how many of you are getting my updates on Facebook, and I really have to announce it on Google+ and Twitter… but I’m excited…


I have completed my registration for the Frederick Book Festival!!!!! Now, the downer is that I probably won’t be able to make the Gaithersburg Book Festival. But from the little bit of investigating that I have been doing, my work would be a better fit in Frederick… besides, my daughter and I had a BLAST last year in Frederick.

Now I’m waiting on a couple of things before I get my final confirmation. Then it’s going to be full-speed ahead for the next few months. Every spare dime I get is going to go towards getting books, swag, and other items. If anyone has any tips, please share. I’m open to all suggestions, and I’ll be sure to share my experience with you all!!!!

Now I’m off… I might be able to get One for Sorrow ready by then… that would be AWESOME!!!! 🙂

See ya in the Funnies!!!!
Dawn 😀