Happy Fourth!!!



It’s that wonderful season!!! Barbecues, fireworks, friends joking and playing in a pool or with a hose…

And I’m stuck in what we’ll call petticoat junction. LOL

I’ll explain: We all know that I’m a Halloween girl at heart. I start on my daughter’s costumes well in advance and sometimes she’ll cosplay them. Well, this year she roped my niece into wanting matching costumes! And guess what these costumes call for??? That’s right Ladies and Gents, fluffy petticoats!

So while I’m over here trying to sew all of this tulle together, I’m also trying to think of what I’m going to do with my writing. Frederick just ended, I have plans for later in the year that I’m not ready to discuss just yet. And One for Sorrow is still in edits.

Meanwhile, I’m also going to work on Auspicious Affairs. It’s time for Victor and Leigh to have their story told. It’s also time for MI to start on the next story arch. I’ve been working the plans out in my head, and it’s time to start getting it on the screen (I would say paper, but then I’d probably lose it).

I hope everyone gets a chance to hang out with loved ones this weekend. My mini-me is down with her father for part of the summer, and I’m holding off my summer fun till she gets back. But in the meantime, everyone have a fun and safe Fourth! I’ll have another post for you after the holiday!

Later folks!
Dawn 🙂

Picture provided by Howard Pinsky