A Quick Question… Feedback Wanted…


Hey everyone.

I know I haven’t been around much, and I plan on changing that. I’ve been lost to my own stupidity. I find that since my creative juices were starting to go the way of the dinosaurs, I started to catch up on a little video game called Assassin’s Creed (yes, I have the whole series and the latest one on reserve 🙂 Yes, the series is THAT awesome!!)

But I’m getting off track. I wanted to ask everyone something. I’m working on my next novel, a new series that I’m loving and hating in turns. But in this first one, my hero’s name is Gideon. The biggest thing at the moment though, is his last name. When I thought of his name, it was Gideon Dantes (Dan-tez, like the Count of Monte Cristo). But when one of my best friends saw it, she kept saying Dante (like Inferno, and the Devil May Cry games). She wants me to change it. Since this storyline is dealing with Angels and Devils, it was over kill.

So my question is this… Should I change it??? Let me know!

Dawn 8)

Cleaning & Getting Back 2 Work


Hey everyone!!

Just checking in because I know it’s been a while. Right about now, I have been swamped with trying to clean my house, get my daughter ready for 3rd grade, and focusing on my writing.

As I’m going through my house, I’m realizing that it’s small, and messy, and something straight off of Hoarders. I’m kinda ashamed to admit it, but really, I’ve been so busy running around for others that I haven’t had a chance to clean my house the way it needs to be in years!

That being said, I find it funny that I’m finding a whole bunch of my old fan fiction. This was stuff that I wrote and never posted, or I have on a file hidden away somewhere that I don’t look all of the time. It was weird reading it over, and then be “No, it can’t be over, this was getting good!!!” especially with my own stuff.

So now, I’m still in the middle of my own personal Hoarders episode. But today is my daughter’s first day going back to dance class, and I’ve been watching my nephews all day. I also went through a flash drive and caught up to where I am in most of my WIPs. I got a few lines down, and will see about getting some more things done during her class, and since I’ll have my nephews more, I’ll get some real work down in the next couple of days.

I’ll let you all know what I cook up! I’ll also clue you in when I get another chapter to post here too!

Dawn 8)