A Tale As Old As Time…


Hey everyone!!!

I am just realizing now that it’s almost the end of July and I haven’t popped in to let you all know what I’m up to!! I feel so ashamed of myself. Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you!!! I’ve been dealing with a few personal things, and there’s also an update with my writing that I’m happy to share.


On the Maxwell Investigations Front: Dangerous Dalliances is still on the way. A few kinks are being worked out, but hold on tight, it’s still coming. As for Auspicious Affairs, Victor is being stubborn again. He and his heroine are going to drive me batty if they keep this up. So for now I’ve put them on pause.

The last time I posted about my writing, I mentioned a few other projects that had been floating around in my head. Well… I’m not working on any of them. Instead, a friend of mine posted a picture of a really hot guy that had a tattoo on his chest of some roses vines and thorns, and it spoke to me (That, plus my daughter had me watching Beauty and the Beast the day before…). So I’ve been trying to put together a fairy tale series. So far, I know the first, second and last tales I’m going to feature. I think I’m going to add on more if I have the inspiration (which I just may). Right now I’m just over 4k words in and it’s a rolling good time. The main characters Izzy and Adam are going to be cute together. I’m just hoping that everyone will see it as epic as I do in my mind 🙂

And with another tidbit of exciting news, I’m looking forward to my first public event as an author… even though it’s in 2014. I’m making preparations to appear (at least have a table) at the Frederick Book Festival. Nothing’s really official yet, and I’ll be screaming in joy when it is. But I’m going to purchase my table, get my swag, and make a happy go at it (with my daughter as my photographer). It’ll be fun and I can’t wait to have more news for you!!!

So that’s what’s going on with me. When I get closer with Dangerous Dalliances, I’ll make sure I let you all know.

Stay cool in all this heat!!!!
Dawn 🙂