Here’s What’s Doing…


Hey everyone!! It’s Dawn. I’m checking in, coming back from my vacation. I should be able to get though at least chapter 6 in the Devils line. I still have to come up with a title for that. I also need to find a few Beta-readers for this. I’m kinda tired of getting slammed on because of poor editing LOL.

Anyway!!! I’m also going to be working on Maxwell Investigations. Madison’s story is actually harder than I first thought it was going to be. She’s rather stubborn, as is a few other people she’s dealing with at the moment.

Alright folks, here’s my quick update… if I end up coming across something new, then I’ll let you know!

See ya!!!

Decisions, Decisions…


Hey everybody!!! Long time no talk to! I’ve been doing pretty okay. My back is still messing with me a little and now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things with writing. The only problem is that I have to figure out what I want to write in.

There are 2 active files that I was working on when I got injured. Maxwell Investigations and my newest Demons and Devils line. Then there’s the Norse line that I was trying out. I’m starting to get ideas for a rewrite of that as well.

You may be wondering what the rush is. It’s not like I have a real publisher and I can put this out whenever… but here’s the thing, I’ve given myself a release date and I really, really, really, wanna try to make this one! I’m gonna be mean and not tell you what it is, just to keep you guessing 🙂

Anyway, leave a comment if you have a request. I’d adore some feed back!

Till next time!!!
Dawn I.