It’s Here!!!!


Hey everyone!!!!

To say that I’m a little excited and happy would be an understatement.


Today is August 27, and for once, I AM ON TIME!!!!

What’s that supposed to mean??? As of Noon yesterday I was able to submit Dangerous Dalliances to both Kindle and Nook. So it’s going to be live at any moment. This is the third book in the Maxwell Investigations storyline.

Here’s the back blurb in case you missed it:

Months ago, Barry Maxwell had a taste of forbidden fruit. Now, Lily wants nothing to do with him.

For years, Lilavanti Dallas hid behind a quiet and meek nature. No one would have suspected she was really a Succubus under all of her wraps and saris… until Barry.

Prophesies and secrets collide while Barry tries to carve a place in Lily’s life. And when sinister plans threaten to bring about Armageddon, Barry and Lily must figure out if their attraction will be the start of something good, or if it will destroy everything.

While this isn’t my first book, it’s still exciting, and if you’re wondering why there’s no huge world blog tour and a lot of buildup, well, that’s my bad. Normally when I set release dates, I never reach them. Dangerous Dalliances is the first title that I actually finished on time! So while I will see about going around and doing some interviews and promos, I just want everyone to spread the word,



Self-Publishing Is NOT A Bad Thing


Hi everyone!!! 

I read another blog post recently and I have to say, it got to me. Not because it was moving and emotional, but it was a profanity laced rant about how all Indie Authors and Self-Pubs suck. 

You all know that I’m self-published. I never attempted to hide it. But I refuse to think that my work is garbage simply because some publishing house like Random or Penguin have snatched up my work. 

When I was at a book festival talking with other Indies, I told them simply, I’m not the type of person that can hear rejection over and over again. I’m also not the type of writer that can change the way a story is flowing just because one person says so. That’s something that happens a lot with big publishers (I’ve heard), and that’s something that I can not and will not deal with.

As to the point of having an editor, that’s true. The only way an author can learn from their mistakes is to have someone read through and point out where there are things that are overused. I fall victim of too many commas, the word HAD, and people doing things easily/slowly/carelessly. But I’m working on that. To me, writing is a learning process that with each book my writing style gets more and more polished. If you never learn, what’s really the point?

Anyway, if you come across that post please understand, he was spouting a hate-filled attack with pretty much no merit. He or she may feel that with the rise of Indies and Self-Pubs that his/her job may be in danger (he/she said they worked for a real publishing house… didn’t say which one and was very adamant about it). Maybe they wrote a self-pub, thought they would achieve “Twilight” type fame (yes, they took digs at this book and 50 Shades.) and got nothing but 1 star reviews. I don’t know the motivation behind the attack, but I can tell you, it really was uncalled for. 

But I will say this, I have 3 books under my belt and a 4th on the way. I knew I would never be on the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. If it happens, great! If it doesn’t, I don’t really mind. My books sell all over the world. Writing keeps me happy, and it keeps my mind busy. 

The book market is large enough for everyone. You can’t be any type of author and not try to pay it forward. 3 friends of mine have entered the self-pub arena after I have, and we don’t hesitate to help each other, or anyone else for that matter. There really is no need for one person to rant about how horrible a person’s writing style is, or say that simply because I haven’t pounded the pavement and been rejected by agents and publishers for years I don’t deserve to breathe in the same air as these others that have, it just evil and vindictive. 

If you want to write a book and publish it yourself, put your fingers to the keyboard, pen to paper, chalk to pavement, however you want to do it… and DO IT!!!!! You don’t suck and your story deserves to be told. And NEVER let anyone tell you different. 

And to that person that wrote the blog that I refuse to name, if you’re reading this, just know that I’m Self-Published. I’m Indie, and I’m Proud as Hell.

Later folks!!!


Release Date Announcement!!!


Hi Everyone!!! I’m super excited right about now. After looking at Dangerous Dalliances again, I should be finished with the final edits soon. Along with the formatting and choosing what excerpts to put in at the end of the book, I am happy to announce that I HAVE A RELEASE DATE!!!!!

AUGUST 27, 2013!!!!

Mark it in your calendars! I am thrilled to be able to bring Barry and Lily’s story to you all. I hope you will be as happy with it as I am!!!!


As for my other project… I’m closer to a title.  Adam and Izzy are going to be a fun pair. Simply because she refuses to hold her tongue and he’s on the cusp of madness 🙂 Ah, good times. LOL.

Anyways, that’s all from me for now. I should be posting again sometime in the near future. I’ll have more of an update for you then. 🙂

Later People!!!