Doubts and Realizations


Hey everyone! It’s been a while. I’ve been working on getting Precarious Possessions straight, as well as getting this new story line off of the ground, and I can’t forget my job search. Really, I kinda feel like Prince Humperdinck… I’m swamped.

But I don’t want to sit here and throw a pity party. I did that about 2 weeks ago…

See, I was looking on my flash drive and saw about 5 storylines that I had started to think on, and as I flushed them out, they didn’t work. I started to think that I wasn’t skilled enough to tell the story the way I see it in my head. Then I started thinking that no one would like what I wrote even if I could get it on paper because I’m not a big name. I’m just a self-published indie author whose own family won’t read her stuff.

I went through my doubts. I didn’t know if I wanted to continue writing anything. I thought about switching genres… instead of doing paranormal romance, try mystery or suspense. I ODed on Maury and Steve Wilkos. I’ve become addicted to Cheaters (even though they’re showing the same episodes over and over). It’s sad… really.

Then a couple of nights ago while I was watching Game of Thrones, I realized something… I write paranormal romances, because my mind is geared for 2 things… weirdness and soap operas!!!! When I was writing fan fiction, the animes I followed were all soap opera or Shakespearian type epics. I’m was awesome with fighting scenes and plot twists were old hat… Just because I’m older, I don’t have to lose that.

So now, with my handy-dandy one-note on file, and character specs and rough round about story, I started on yet another line… I wanted to start fresh. So I picked an idea that I hadn’t started to write in.

It’s hard trying to flush out this world, but it’s also refreshing. I get to make all of the rules. I get to choose what goes where, and how and why. I have my own version of Genoa City where if I want to, Victor and Nikki can finally stay married. My family doesn’t have to read my stuff… they don’t do paranormal well (except for one cousin, he’s been one of my biggest fans since I was in high school).

So the point of this little post is this…
Friends of mine ask me for advice every now and again. One of their questions was “how do you handle self-doubt and rejection???” My answer is this… against doubt, look back at what you’ve done, what made you a success, and then wash, rinse, and repeat. As for rejection… well… a pint of cookies and cream ice cream, a movie where a lot of things blow up, a few tissues… and then self-publish 🙂

So there is my friendly advise for the moment! I will return another time to let you know how this new story line is coming along…. (psst, I’m modelling the hero after Paul Marron… that man is just HOT!!!)

I’m going to go drool now!
Later my Peeps!!!
Dawn 🙂