Updates for the season


Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a while. Time completely got away from me. One moment I was getting ready for Thanksgiving, the next, it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day. I have been over the river and through the woods with ideas on my writing. But for whatever reason, I would sit at my laptop and NOTHING would come to me.

I’ve had nightmares about this. I’ve questioned my career as an author over this. What would happen if I couldn’t write anymore? Was I a phony because I’m not writing everyday? I saw so many memes and “inspirational quotes” that made me want to break out in hives. I looked at the calendar and saw that I haven’t put out anything in nearly (now over) a year! When I would try to advertise, my tweets would be lost in the shuffle that is Twitter and Facebook is changing so many algorithms that out of the 327 people who have liked my page, only 3 people (including myself) would see it.

It also doesn’t help that my mind comes up with all of these “worse case scenarios”. Plus I’ve been making costumes for my daughter and niece for Halloween, trying to edit One for Sorrow (and by trying to edit, I mean rewrite the WHOLE FLIPPING THING), come up with marketing ideas, swag ideas, adjusting to my job and keeping my house together.

I think I burned myself out.

It rips at my heart that One for Sorrow isn’t finished yet. I want this to be the best novel I can make it. You guys deserve nothing less. I’m also doing some shuffling in my head. I want to see what can I do with Maxwell Investigations, The Mudfoot Chronicles (a steampunk western that my father {of all people LOL} inspired), and a pair of secret project that may or may not be completed.

I WILL say that I sent away my paperwork to have a table at the Gaithersburg Book Festival (May 16 ,2015). I’m excited about that. I’ll have new bookmarks, maybe design a button or 2 as well. Since everything is up in the air, when I get confirmation, I’ll let all of you know if I got in or not.

Well, that’s all for right now. I don’t have any dates for anything, sadly. But stay tuned!! I’m going to keep you all posted with what’s going on.

Till Next Time!!