I Haven’t Stopped Blushing….


Hey everyone!!!

As a few of you know, the other night I overcame a huge hurdle in writing Dangerous Dalliances… the dreaded sex scene…

Now, if you’ve read Precarious Possessions and saw the little sneak peek at the end, you see that this whole novel starts with a one night stand gone wrong… but I didn’t write it out.

Here’s why…

I’m shy!!!

There, I’ve said it. I can’t sit back and just knock out a sex scene at the drop of a hat. I’m a girl, I need music and mood… at the risk of sounding completely crass, I can’t just rub one out and know that it’s gold. So a few nights ago, I was awake until 3:30am trying to get this scene just right.

Now that it’s over, another problem is starting to show its ugly head. The next love scene is going to have to have just as much emotion. Things will change. I can’t have cookie cutter sex scenes… you know… everything is the same, only the names are different. Stereotypical flames licking, Earth moving, oh, there’s a pool/lake/grotto here, let’s shag…. I’ve read it, and laughed. I couldn’t expect any less from my readers.

So I’m here just dropping a line to let you know what I’m up to. Barry and Lily have done the deed and now we have to see what Fate has in store for them. 🙂

Happy Reading!!!!
Dawn 🙂

We’re Halfway There!!!


Hey everybody!!!!

I have awesome news to report!!!! I have hit the official halfway point of Dangerous Dalliances!!!!

I’m trying to aim for this novel to be about 75k words, and currently I’m over 37.5!!!! I’m at like 38k!!!! I looked up and didn’t even realize it!!!!! So to say that I’m flying ahead of schedule would be an understatment.

As for everything else going on… I’m debating on putting Precarious Possessions on the Nook. I’ve been having awesome sales totals on Amazon, and I haven’t seen anything remotely close on B&N. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad-mouthing them! I wouldn’t do that. I’m just debating. As it is now, Everything’s still a go for it to be formatted for Nook within the next few weeks. Think of this as thinking out loud 🙂

And I’m also debating holding a contest. But that’s going to be a while off. As a matter of fact, I’ll announce a contest when I get 3/4 of the way there… so that means when my word count is 56,250…. I think this will be fun!!!!

So I’ll see you all at 3/4!!!!!!

Dawn 🙂