Writing Prompt Wednesday: Confessions


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It’s time for Writing Prompt Wednesday. The two characters in this one are from a story that I’ve been kicking around (you would be surprised how many stories I kick around). Kenji and Clover have been hard to pin down, but hopefully, I’ll be able to make something out of their romance. Let me know what you think.

This week’s sentence: I remember because I can’t forget.

*****(c) Dawn Ibanez 2017 All right reserved*****

“I remember because I can’t forget,” she said softly. When Kenji looked at her, she swallowed. Her hands trembled as she brushed a hair away from her face. The Ferris wheel continued its climb as she looked at the landscape.

It was completely dark out. She and Kenji were enclosed in their own little cocoon as they slowly rose above the noise and crowds. She would have thought it romantic if she hadn’t decided to throw both of their worlds askew.

Kenji leaned closer to her. “Clover,” he said carefully. “That isn’t how your magic works.” His hands covered her gloved ones, and she could see a slight tremble in them.

“You see into the past when you touch something. When you release the item, you forget what you saw. You come back to yourself.”

Clover looked into his eyes and swallowed as the knot in her stomach strangely started to loosen. She knew Kenji kept secrets, even from her. But it was time she told him her most private secret. “When I was eighteen, I worked with my brothers and the police. There was a case where four men were in a warehouse slaughtered.” She looked at her gloved and rubbed her index finger and thumb together. “Blood covered everything. It was blood and guts and pieces that looked like chewing gum. It was the first time I had seen anything like it, so naturally, I panicked. Stupidly, I tried to run and slipped. I fell into a pool of blood and came into contact with a reciprocating saw.”

Kenji shook her head. “You don’t have to tell me this,” he said softly.

Tears filled her eyes as she reached out and touched his face. “I was pulled into the past. I was the man that captured two fox demons. I was going to get them to show all of their tails, cut them off and sell them. One was red and the other was snow white. The little part that was me remembered thinking that she was so beautiful. I was screaming in my mind as that nameless man started to hack at her. First, it was her eye. Then it was one of her paws. He was upset because no matter how much she howled and cried out, her tails didn’t come out.”

Kenji looked away from her as she saw tears falling from his eyes. “Stop,” he whispered.

“I was there when the red fox howled and was consumed with black fire,” she went on. “I was in that man’s head when the red demon broke his chains and killed everyone in that warehouse. I saw all of it.” She leaned back against the car and wiped at the tears falling from her eyes. “Even when the red fox jumped onto the man’s chest and clawed out his throat.”

She continued to watch Kenji as he absorbed her story. Over the past few weeks, he started to be more playful. Clover rubbed a hand over her heart as she waited for him to say something.
“Her name was Emi,” Kenji said softly. “She was my sister.”

Clover wiped her eyes again. “I thought she would have been your mate.”

He shook his head as he chuckled. “Gods no.” He looked at Clover for a long moment. “You knew I was the red one?”

She reached out and touched his face again. This time she brushed her thumb under his almond shaped eye. “When you thought Billy was going to hurt me, you had the same look. If I hadn’t stopped you, he would be dead.”

He was careful to touch her sleeve as he lowered her hand from his face. “He shouldn’t have pushed you against that wall.”

Clover smiled as he turned his attention to the ground below them. He was trying to deflect. “I did a little digging and found something interesting.” When his body shifted towards her slightly, she leaned forward. “A post-cog will remember visions of his or her mate.” She swallowed as he turned to her fully. “I also know a few shifters said they knew their mates on sight.” Her eyes held his as the first of the fireworks lit the darkness.

Kenji mirrored her position. “After we lost Emi, I was trapped in so much anger that I didn’t take my human form for years. My only family was ready to put me down. And then I sniffed out the apartment above ours.”

She nodded as she remembered. “I thought you were a cat in the shadows. It wasn’t until the day you fell asleep on the hammock outside that I realized exactly what was going on.”
He sighed as the light-show continued to paint him shades of blue green and red. “So, you knew who I was, nearly the entire time?” he asked.

Clover shook her head and held his hand with both of hers. She saw the way his eyes widened and swallowed. “I knew you were important. I didn’t know you. I didn’t know we were supposed to be together in any way. But the more I spent time with you, the less I remembered being that man in the warehouse.” When he was about to pull his hand away from her, she tightened her grip. “The more time I spent with you, the less I remembered the fox demon and the more I saw a protective kitsune I could spend the rest of my life with.”

His hand trembled in hers. “Be very careful of what you say,” he warned.

Clover saw the fear in his eyes. She smiled as she realized they were both terrified of the same thing.
Neither wanted their hearts broken.

Clover felt lightheaded at the realization. For months, she and Kenji danced around each other. They took care to make sure they didn’t touch, or that she didn’t touch any of his belongings. She had been terrified of his rejection, and he had been terrified of her loving him and then turning him away. She turned and looked at the fireworks. “Basil told me once that he used to get his dates to come up here so they could make out,” she confessed.

A smirk crossed his face. “It sounds like something he would do,” Kenji replied. His own eyes widened when Clover lunged forward and covered her mouth with his.

Clover whimpered as she felt herself falling. She didn’t want to become a slave to his memories. Her whole body shook as she tried to stay in the moment of her first kiss. She would not let her magic dictate her life to her. She needed to touch him. To have him touch her. Clover wanted what her father had with her mother.

Kenji’s hands on her arms grounded her. She could feel the terror that radiated from him as he pulled his mouth away from hers. “Have you lost your mind?” he snapped as he searched her face. “You could put yourself in a coma!” he scolded.

Her eyes filled with tears as he put more space between them. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled as she looked out at the crescendo of the fireworks show. “It won’t happen again.” She looked at the dying lights and smiled sadly. “Another memory, to never forget,” she whispered.

Kenji kept his face turned away from hers. “It would be best if you did,” he told her. “If you relive my memories, it could kill you.”

One final explosion went off. It was a red star burst that reminded her of his kitsune fur. “So, I’ll die slowly. Never knowing what it would be like to have the most basic of touches. To be perfectly honest with you, I would rather risk the coma.”

“My sister died in my arms. Forgive me if I refuse to watch my mate do the same.”

The lights of the fireworks show faded and the Ferris wheel started its descent. Clover swallowed as she looked at the parallels of the moment. The ride ending, the fireworks dying and her love life.

All ending and she couldn’t do a thing to stop any of it.


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Writing Prompt Wednesday: Birth of Darsha


Welcome to Writing Prompt Wednesday!!! (Hopefully) Each week, I’ll have a sentence, and from that, I’ll create a scene. Some may be longer than others. Some may be connected to something that I have already out.

This week’s sentence: The blood dripped slowly down the wall. 

This one is connected to a universe that I’m still hammering out. I hope you enjoy the Birth of Darsha.

*****(c) Dawn Ibanez 2017 All right reserved*****

The blood slowly dripped down the wall. The rancid stench of bile and other bodily fluids clogged her nose as she stood at the edge of the area. She had done the impossible.

Their great champion, their ferocious Beast, was dead at her feet.

The rich noblemen and their ladies were all silent as she closed her left hand and backed away from the man that fought for them. His body crumbled into a heap of flesh as she turned to the man watching over the pit.

He was their King. One of the seven that ruled the Valescape. She didn’t care. He stole what her family had, simply because he could. He took her sisters and sold them off like they nothing more than trinkets. But now she stood over his champion. The Prince he cultivated himself from childhood. The frown on his face proved that he was not pleased with the outcome of the match.

Laughter bubbled up from her. She watched as the women around her grew more horrified by the moment. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and doubled over as she laughed at the painted flowers that acted as if they were not part of a twisted food chain. Her weapons clattered to the dirt ground as she tried to calm herself. The humor of her situation was the prominent thought on her mind.

The King knew of her family’s traitorous behavior. He ordered the death and selling of her family because of her father’s actions. He knew that out of her mother and her sisters, she would have been the one to cause a problem. She would have been the one to become a rebel. She would have been the one to demand justice for her father. In order to seem fair, the King put her in a death match with his champion. A werewolf-troll hybrid against a small demon woman.

Now the King had a dilemma on his hands.

Would he allow the new champion of his fighting pits to live, or would he eliminate the possibility of her trying to seek revenge for her family by killing her?

Her grandmother always told her that life was full of choices. And most often, they were choices she wouldn’t like.

The sounds of the gates being lifted echoed in the arena. Her laughter died enough for her to look around and see four guards shuffling in. She straightened and met the gaze of the King that took her father’s head. “I thought I would get a boon,” she said.

Her voice echoed around the arena. It was soon followed by gasps of outrage and shock. She didn’t care. She only stayed focused on the danger surrounding her.

The King of Gluttony raised his hand and the crowd silenced. “You haven’t won the championship yet.” He looked at his men. “Whoever wins this, will get their boons.”

She closed her eyes as she braced herself for the first blow. When it came, she was thrown across the arena. As she rolled across the dirt floor, she grabbed a rusted and discarded short sword. She started to stand when a fist slammed into her face. Four demons descended on her with kicks and punches to her body. One grabbed her hair and lifted her to her feet.

“We’re going to enjoy this Milady.”

She tightened her grip on the short sword she held and raised it. The women in the audience gasped when she cut off the guard’s hand, as well as most of her long black locks of hair. She landed on her feet and turned to the one nearest her. She swung her sword and continued to move, ignoring the fact that he fell to his knees clutching at his neck.

It was like her fight with Beast all over again. Move, swing, parry, strike. The surest target would be the torso, but the efficient ones were the neck and face. Tendons were good for immobilizing. She moved around her attackers using the ebb and flow of their own movements. One guard reached for her, she sidestepped him but raked her clawed free hand across his face as he fell. Another swung his own sword at her. She blocked his blade and jumped to the side, avoiding a different swing from another guard. A smile crossed her face as she backed away from the four guards and found herself standing over Beast’s dead body.

“My King,” she called out. She didn’t take her eyes from the four demons that were nearly foaming at the mouth to kill her. “I will give you what you want. The Domini House is dead. All that would fight for the line are gone and done.”

“You are still breathing, My dear.”

She smiled and looked at the King. He was playing his hand, to not lose face in front of his people. Her father tried to do the same thing, many times.

His head was now on a pike.

She would have to play to the King’s base nature and override the idea that she would be his enemy. She continued to smile as the guards ran at her at once.

Her body underwent the transformation in less than a second. Gone was the shell of flesh and muscle she normally wore. Gone was the ripped and tattered dress her mother made her wear when the King showed up at her family’s manor months ago. Gone was the possible bride sons of the nobility tried to court to gain favor with both her father and their King.

Now she stood in her true form. She knew what everyone saw. It was a fear whispered by children. The dreaded monster that could devour your soul and take you off the wheel of life and death. The creatures were ferocious and nearly unstoppable. And if one saw you, you were as good as dead. Now she floated above the ground with black robes around her. She pushed back the hood that covered her face. Someone in the audience screamed as everyone realized what she was.

She opened her skeletal hand and flexed her knife-like claws. The guards looked at her horrified as she rushed them, her arms open wide.

Another flash blinded everyone in the arena. Once the light died down, she stood in front of the King, in her usual form wearing nothing but blood. She raised her hands and dropped the heads of Beast, and the four guards at his feet. “The Domini House is dead,” she said again. “All those in opposition to your throne are gone.”

The frustration on his face was transparent. “You are still here, my dearest Lysette.”

She shook her head. “If it pleases you, report that I am dead. Or we can continue this farce and I can continue to kill your men. Use me as your general, or keep me in the pits. I don’t care. But I want my boon.”

One of the King’s fine eyebrows arched. “What would you want, if not your freedom?”

“My sisters. All three of them.”

The intrigue on his face faded. “Sisters. Are they like you?”

She shook her head. “No. They never learned to use my Grandmother’s powers.”

He looked like he was ready to strangle her himself. “Why?”

“For various reasons.” She kept her eyes locked with his as he stood. She didn’t back down as he towered over her. He was powerful enough to kill her. They all knew that. But she had to put her trust in the knowledge that he would see her more like an asset than a danger.

“The Domini line is dead. If your sisters are returned to you, they will have no family name,” he told her.

“They will be my sisters, nothing more,” she agreed.

He looked at her. “What is the name you hide?” he asked.

She looked at him with a grin. She knew who her grandmother was. She knew her grandmother would approve of doing what she had to in order to save her sisters. “Darsha,” she told him. She saw the King flinch and pressed on. “She died on a Hunt nearly fifteen years ago.”

The King nodded. “I never knew she had children.”

“We all keep secrets.”

He looked at her again. This time his gaze traveled up and down her nude body. “You have done well in keeping yours,” he said quietly. He then turned to the crowd. “I will grant the boons the winner of the match desires. I will have her sisters returned to her. And she will remain at my side as a General.” Murmurs ran through the crowd before he raised his hand again. “From this moment on, Lysette of the House of Domini is dead. The woman before you is now to be referred to as Darsha.”

One person started to slowly clap. It took a moment before the tension in the arena changed. People that were terrified of her transformation were cheering for her. The King waved his hand at her and she was instantly wearing a suit of armor. She bowed her head and covered her heart with her fist.

She would allow him to live. She would even fight for him. She would debase herself for no one except the man in front of her.

And once she gained enough power on her own, they would revisit this arena and she would walk out as King of the House of Gluttony.


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