Serial Sunday #2


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Chapter 1-
Six years later

Clover ran up the stairwell of the Rivendell Building. Her partner was on the 20th floor and it was going to be a matter of time before he doesn’t have an exit. Security had been told of their attempt to switch out hard-drives. As a security measure, there were about 30 more guards than expected taking position in the lobby. The other members of the team were under radio silence and there was nothing on any of the equipment.

She wasn’t going to explain how she saw it all in a vision. The only person that knew about her precognitive abilities was her uncle. He offered her a position in the organization White Queen with the understanding that she would tell him of any visions she saw.

Too bad he never realized that her visions never worked like that. She only saw what Fate wanted her to see. And tonight, she saw Everett being gunned down by too many guards and no one to watch his back. She also saw one of the men that blew up her parent’s office building. She would finally get a chance to get her revenge on him.

“Are you sure about that Kitten?” a voice asked from behind. Jaeger stood next to the closing door of the 18th floor and smiled at her shocked expression. “It’s been so long. I was sure you would have placed the blame for that on the right people by now.”

Clover drew the baton on her hip. “I know who to place the blame on,” she said as she approached him. “You and your friend.”

His smile brightened with cruelty. “Are you sure?” He barely dodged her first swing and side-stepped the second. “You could have stopped all of it. You could have confessed your little vision to your dear, dear mommy and daddy. Or you could have convinced him to take you car shopping just after breakfast.”

Clover froze as she looked at him. The only person that knew about her birthday present was Sage. “What are you?” she asked breathlessly.

He leaned close to her. His grin stayed on firmly in place as his lips brushed her ear. “I’m a telepath, and you’re a Precog,” he answered. He grabbed her wrists as the thought to attack him crossed her mind. “Temper, temper Kitten,” he chided. “You don’t want to kill me too soon. We have beautiful music to make.”

Clover gasped as images flooded her mind. She and this man were enemies. They would fight more in the future. Yet there will be a time when she would willingly enter his arms and never want to leave. They were going to become lovers. Tears filled Clover’s eyes as she pulled away from him. “I will never be yours,” she said in a hiss.

Jaeger shrugged as he started down the stairwell. “You say that now. But we both know you can’t fight Fate.”

Her head was spinning as she fell back against the door. “I changed Fate before,” she whispered.

“And look at where it’s gotten us all,” his voice whispered in her mind.

Clover looked over the railing. “Get out of my head!” she screamed. Her eyes went round when he looked up at her and smiled.

The doors above her opened and multiple security guards ran out. Clover ripped the door next to her open, just as gunfire erupted. She silently cursed herself as she ran down an empty corridor to another wired staircase. She should have never made such a rookie mistake. Not after six years.

Clover entered the 20th floor and saw that the guards were all going down the other stairwell. She didn’t waste any time finding the room where Everett was switching hard-drives.  She entered the room and looked at her partner. “We’ve been compromised,” she said in a low voice. “The number of guards has been doubled and you need to hurry up.”

Everett suppressed a sigh before he turned his attention back to the computer in front of him. “I’m almost done,” he said. As he screwed the tower back together, Everett noticed the way she was starting to pace. “What happened?” he asked.

Clover tightened the fingers around her baton. No one knew how she ended up being in White Queen. It was a common courtesy among the operatives. She looked out of the window and tried to keep her temper even. “My past is trying to come back to haunt,” she said simply.

He frowned as he put everything back in place. “Is it going to be a problem?”

A nearly hysterical laugh escaped her. She turned and looked at the closest thing to a friend she has had since she joined this team. “That is the fifty million dollar question,” she said. Shadows passed in front of the frosted glass door, making them both fall silent. Clover went to the door and waited for the shadows to pass. She reached into her pocket and pulled out four small balls. When Everett reached her side, she cracked open the door and threw the smoking devices down the hall.

Everett watched as Clover silently counted to five. There was something wrong with her. She looked the same, moved the same, but after mentioning her past, she just hadn’t seemed right. Smoke filled the hallway, giving them both cover to the staircase.

Clover pulled on Everett’s sleeve before making her run to the staircase. As she opened the door, a pair of guards looked at them from the door. Before either could react, Clover rushed them. She barely put forth any effort as she used her batons to knock both men out. She saw Everett move past her and went to follow. When he reached the 16th floor, Clover was struck by another vision.

A blonde man stood behind a file cabinet as Everett rushed down the corridor. Just as the agent reached the other end, the stranger fired.

Clover ran down to the 16th floor. She put her batons back in their holsters and drew the knife she always carried on her. She entered the floor and saw Everett as he moved down the corridor. As she scanned the area, she saw the blonde man from her vision moving in for his shot. With narrowed eyes, she pulled her hand back and threw her weapon.

Everett turned at the sound of a body falling. His eyes widened as he saw Clover make her way over to a fallen man and rip a six inch blade out of his neck. “What the hell?” he whispered.

Clover took the gun from the fallen man’s lax grip and pressed her lips together. She could feel her future shift. Images of being covered in blood, surrounded by bodies at her feet flashed before her eyes. Clover tightened her jaw as she tried to block out the visions. She looked at Everett and saw the horror on his face. “Let’s go,” she ordered as she walked past him.

Everett followed Clover as she descended the stairs. He watched in sick fascination as she simply started to shoot or cut down the guards that approached them. The agent couldn’t help but wonder at where she learned how to kill with such accuracy.

Once the gun ran out of rounds, Clover easily dropped it. As she reached the door for the ground floor, she looked at Everett and saw that he was close behind her. “Head for the exit and don’t look back,” she said lowly.

He stared at her. Even though she had always been cool and distant on their missions, Clover had never been so cold. Her usually soft brown eyes were hardened chips of onyx as she adjusted the grip she had on her knife. “Where did you get that?” he asked.

Clover mused as she looked at the knife the doctors had pulled out of her side all those years ago. “It’s a memento,” she said simply. As she looked at one of the few people she allowed herself to call friend, she felt her resolve harden. Their team was strictly no-kill. Now, White Queen would find some way to punish her for leaving a trail of bodies. But the only thing that mattered at the moment was making sure Everett got out. “I’ll meet you at the safe house,” she said before pulling the door open and running down the corridor.

Everett inhaled sharply as she made her way to the nearest set of guards. She moved with a speed and a grace that he couldn’t comprehend. As far as any of them knew, Clover was a young girl that went through training at White Queen’s headquarters and was sent from Europe to Asia, then back home to the States. She was supposed to have training in Karate, but nothing she had in her file explained why she was cutting through guards as if she was the lead in Kill Bill. He shook his head as he turned and ran in the opposite direction. If she was going to give him a diversion, he would use it.

Jaeger walked into the hospital room he visited every Sunday night. He despised normal visiting hours, but always made sure to mask his presence from the various nurses and hospital staff. It wouldn’t be proper for the enemy to be caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But he had to talk with her. For the first time in almost six years he had seen Clover Ramsey. Hopefully now the ball can start rolling. He wanted to be free of Red Queen, and he was pretty sure that Clover was ready to be done with White Queen as well.

But Jaeger knew the perfect way to Clover. He had been perfecting the relationship for years. With ease he sat on the edge of Sage Ramsey’s hospital bed and touched her hand.

Jaeger smiled as he felt the pull of her power. The wild pulse of her Postcog abilities nearly choked him the first time he touched her. Now it simply pulled him into her mind.

Sage stood on the edge of a fountain and smiled when she saw him appear. “Where have you been hiding?” she asked as she stepped down to meet him.

He looked around to avoid her question. It was their game. She would try to guess at what he did, and he would hide as much of it as possible. He smiled when he recognized the architecture. “Greece this week?” he questioned.

She laughed. “One of the orderlies just got back from vacation,” she explained. Sage hated the curse that gave her the memories of any person or any item that would touch her skin. But after being trapped in her mind for six years, she was learning to lose herself in those trapped memories. “His wife was thrilled to go. His mistress, not so much.”

Jaeger laughed as he held out his arm for her. She rolled her eyes and linked her arm with his. “Isn’t that how it always goes?” he asked teasingly.

It was her turn to laugh. Sage leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed. “You did something bad again, didn’t you Jaeg?” she asked as she slowly came down from her good mood.

He helped her sit on the side of the fountain again and kissed her hand. “What’s a little murder between friends?” he asked in turn. When her soft green eyes saddened a little more, his shoulders fell. “I saw your sister tonight.”

Sage’s eyes widened. “You didn’t hurt her, did you?” she asked.

He couldn’t help but snort. After all of these years, it appeared that little Clover was always hurting him. “No. Clover was perfectly fine when I left her. At least physically.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Jaeger looked into her eyes. Even though they both played the little game of ask and avoid, they both knew exactly who he was. “I had to put her in danger. It was the only way.” He stood and moved away from Sage.

She stood and felt tears coming to her eyes. “The only way for what? For my sister to play some role that I was destined for? That isn’t possible.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “From what Theresa has seen, it is. She is going to take your place as a leader on a team of killers. She is going to kill the man that hired us to kill your parents, and she will be key to the downfall of both Red and White Queen.”

Sage shook her head as she paced. “No. I won’t let you do that to her.” She ran her hands through her hair and looked at him with pleading eyes. “You can’t do that to her. Do you know how destroyed she’s been since the bomb?”

“Do you?” Jaeger asked viciously. When Sage blinked at him, he continued. “Have you seen how her face crumbles and she shuts down when she looks at children playing? Or how cold she gets when someone reminds her of you or your parents? Do you realize that she put herself in danger simply because the man she wanted to save treated her like a younger sister?” He ignored the way she stumbled back and fell as he continued to rant. “No, she hasn’t been here to see you since she’s been back in America because she’s scared of what you’ll see. She has the idea that if she touches you, if she even holds your hand, you’ll see every dastardly deed she has had to do in order to pay for you.”

Tears streamed down Sage’s face as she looked up at him. “I never wanted her to!” she shouted at him.

“You didn’t have to! She loves you as much as you love her!” Jaeger forced himself to stop his rant. There was something about these two girls that made him forget himself. He walked over to Sage and lifted her to her feet. “Clover knows you would have done the same for her. She thinks it’s only fair that she give her life for yours. Especially since she was the one that was supposed to be in a coma,” he told her quietly.

Sage wiped her eyes as she moved away from him. “I think it’s best if you leave,” she said softly. She turned away from him and went back to the fountain.

He watched her. Over the years, his plan had been to seduce Sage’s mind, and when she woke up, she would be his for the taking. But somewhere along the line, he started to like her. He looked at the teal wraparound dress she wore and sighed. “I don’t want you to think me a monster,” he said lowly.

She smiled and turned to him. “I don’t,” she said kindly. “I know you.” She walked over to him and ran her fingers through his hair. “I know that you only want to see me as a pawn, but can’t. I know you want to hate both me and Clover because we’re targets. And I know that while you want to sleep with me, you’re falling quick and hard for my baby sister.”

Jaeger inhaled as he found himself thrown back into his own body. He looked at the comatose woman on the bed and frowned. Her ruby lips were tilted up in a Mona Lisa smile. He leaned close to her and kissed her forehead. “Touché, my dear. Touché.”

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Enter Real Life…


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