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What’s going on with my writing and novels.

Stars, Stripes and Reviews…

Happy 4th of July!!! Okay, so it’s a little before the 4th, but I don’t want to miss out on wishing you all fun in the sun with your family and friends. Over the past few days I’ve had some … Continue reading

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Inspirations & Detours

Hi everyone!!! People say all the time that life is a journey. It twists, it turns and as long as you let it, it will take you on a grand adventure. Writing can be the same. Except kids join you. … Continue reading

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Pressure, Anticipation and Lip Sync Battles….

Hey everyone! I really have to get better at updating this. It’s been entirely too long. And I hate to say it, there isn’t much new on the writing front. I’ve been sitting and staring at One for Sorrow and … Continue reading

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Updates for the season

Hey Everyone! I know it’s been a while. Time completely got away from me. One moment I was getting ready for Thanksgiving, the next, it’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day. I have been over the river and through the woods with … Continue reading

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Up for Air.

Hi Everyone! I’m pretty sure I’ll have a Thanksgiving Day post. I might not. There’s no telling what news I’ll have in two days time. I’m dropping a line to make another confession. Maybe it’ll give some one with the … Continue reading

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A Heavy Decision…

Hi everyone!!! I haven’t fallen off the Earth or anything. I’m still here. I’m still trying to get a handle on work, home, writing and then trying to market myself, while trying to hold on to some of my own … Continue reading

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True Confessions: An Apology.

Hey everyone! This entry into my True Confessions series is really an apology to my 8th grade English teacher, Mr. Fagan. I’ll give you all a little back story. In middle school, I was in the 3rd highest class in … Continue reading

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