Writing Prompt Wednesday: Best Laid Plans


It’s Writing Prompt Wednesday! I know it’s a little late getting out, but I wasn’t finished with it until after midnight, and honestly, I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. So better late than never!

Anyways, this week is going to take a look at something that happened between Precarious Possessions and Dangerous Dalliances. I hope you all enjoy!!!

This week’s prompt: Well, that didn’t go as planned.

Hope you enjoy!

*****(c) Dawn Ibanez 2017 All right reserved*****

“Well, that didn’t go as planned,” Troy said lowly.

Madison mused as she lifted a bottle of water to her lips. “Says you,” she snorted. She looked across the room and smiled at the man that raised her. “I’ve been waiting four years for this moment.”

Her husband laughed and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “You’re not scared that he’ll retaliate?”

“How?” Madison looked at him. “I’m not sixteen, so it’s not like he can take my car. And the kids making his birthday cake is nothing more than a sweet gesture that comes from the hearts of babes.”

Troy looked at her. His golden eyes sparkled in amusement. “You are just cruel,” he mused as he pressed a kiss into her hair.

Madison smiled as she looked at her twin sons and niece as they spoke quietly with Victor. The former king of vampires stoically ate the cake they proudly made with Lacey’s magic, and ingredients they saw Troy use in countless recipes. As she looked around the room, Troy’s words seemed to ring true. Her life hadn’t gone as planned. Troy came back to her. They had been married for months and she was heavily pregnant with their daughter. The boys were thrilled with the idea of having a little sister. Kayin even promised that she could be a princess like Lacey.

There were still touchy times. Alex would come by on weekends, but he would never stay longer than a day. She knew he missed Claudia, but he made her swear not to interfere. Otherwise, they all knew she would have dragged the girl back from Germany kicking and screaming.

“Should I worry about that grin?” Troy asked.

Madison sighed as she leaned her head on his shoulder. “No, I promised to be a good little Necromancer.” She looked at the half-eaten meal on her plate and frowned. “This wasn’t as good as yours,” she said moving the steak away.

He laughed and moved her from her chair to his lap. Troy pressed a kiss to the mating mark on her neck. “You don’t have to flatter me, Mrs. Davenport. I’m a sure thing when we get home.”

She blushed as he rubbed circles on her lower back. Troy always seemed to know when her back was bothering her. The way he took care of her made her cherish him all the more. “You may have to take a raincheck,” she said as she leaned her head against his. “Planning this party took more out of me than I thought it would.”

He nodded. “You should have let Dylan and Jessica do it,” he agreed. “Neither of them is pregnant and they would have let me cook.”

She frowned as she pulled away far enough to look at him. His expression matched hers, and it stung. Madison hated having him upset with her. Even over the smallest things. Her displeasure melted away as she ran her fingers through his hair and hugged him. “If you catered the party, then I wouldn’t have my plus one, Mr. Maxwell,” she grumbled.

“You may not have had me as your plus one, but you would have eaten.” He pressed another kiss to her neck and continued to rub her back. “You also wouldn’t have been on your feet all evening.” A sigh escaped him as she went liquid against his body. “You have to learn when to let other people handle things, Maleficent.”

Madison tightened her arms at the nickname. “I’m trying Troy. I really am,” she confessed.

He smiled against her skin. “The kids are coming over,” he told her.

Madison straightened and turned to see Kayin and Aiden with Lacey. The boys each held a piece of cake and all three wore smiles so bright they put the sun to shame. She returned the smile and glanced at where her foster father sat. “What’s going on?” she asked carefully.

Aiden stepped forward. “Grandfather said that as the chefs, we should present our creation to you.”

“And he said that you’ve always liked cake, so he wanted you and Uncle Troy to have some,” Lacey added.

Madison looked at Troy and swallowed. They knew the cake the kids made wasn’t the best. While their hearts were in the right place, there was no saving the poor desert that was too much salt, baking powder and butter, and not enough sugar, flour, and butter.

Kayin frowned as he looked at his parents. “Told you they wouldn’t eat it,” he mumbled.

Madison frowned at his tone. She remembered too many years of a chip on her shoulder where her biological parents were concerned. There was no way she would allow one of her children to feel an ounce of doubt when her love came into question. She looked at where Victor sat and smiled. “You’re evil,” she thought at him. When he smiled and raised his glass, her smile fell.

“Where do you think you get it from, my dear?” he countered.

Troy leaned forward and looked at the three chefs. “What is the creation before us?” he asked as he took the plates from Aiden and Kayin. When the twins looked at each other, he winked at Madison. “As chefs, when you present your dish, you have to tell the consumer what they’re about to eat. I mean, it’s bad form to serve a person what they think are frog legs and you’re really giving them snail.”

Three sets of eyes widened. “People eat snails?” Aiden asked in a whisper.

“People eat frog legs?” Lacey asked. “Don’t they know how gross that is?”

Troy smirked. “It actually tastes like chicken,” he commented.

Kayin stepped forward. “We made a cake Alex found online for us. He said that if we do good for Grandfather’s birthday, then we could make it for his. It’s a vanilla cake with a homemade cherry frosting, since that’s what Grandfather likes. Miss Becca was busy, so we decided to help.”

Madison smiled as she reached out and touched Kayin’s hair. “I’m sure this will be delicious,” she said softly. She glanced at Troy and swallowed as she picked up her fork.

“After getting all of the ingredients together, I used my magic to make the cake,” Lacey said with a smile. “It’s not as fun as sewing, but cooking is fun too.”

Madison cut off a bite of cake with her fork and sent a silent prayer to whoever was listening. She had a feeling her face would betray her if she didn’t like the taste. As she brought the fluffy yellow desert to her mouth, she tried to think of various excuses for whatever reaction she would have.

She ate the piece of cake and frowned. She expected a mouth full of baking soda and salt, but what she got wasn’t half bad. Madison leaned forward and ate another piece, this time making sure to get some of the icing as well. She looked at the three in front of her and swallowed the cake in her mouth. It was a little salty and kind of off, but she couldn’t help but what another bite. “You three have really outdone yourselves,” she said with a smile. When the boys started to beam at her, she felt her daughter move. She smirked as she placed Troy’s free hand on her belly. “But I think next time, we get Daddy to help out and do all the cooking and baking.”

Lacey frowned as she looked at Troy. “I don’t want to eat frogs or snails,” she pouted.

Troy nodded as he painted a smile on his face. “I would never serve you one. He may be a prince for the princess.”

Madison laughed as Lacey’s expression turned horrified and Kayin’s smile turned to a deep frown. “What’s the matter Puppy?” she asked.

“Our baby’s a wolf princess,” he said stubbornly. “Wolves eat frogs,” he said before walking away.

Madison waited until all three children left to go play before daring to look at Troy. After a moment, they both started laughing. “Frogs?” she asked before eating another bite of cake. “And snails?”

He shrugged as he watched her demolish the cake in front of her. “It couldn’t be worse than that cake,” he mumbled against her neck.

She shook her head. “It’s not that bad,” she said before taking another bite.

Troy laughed as he rubbed her lower back again. “I think we’ve reached the pickles and ice cream portion of your pregnancy,” he commented.

Madison frowned as she looked at her empty plate. “I think so too,” she said lowly. She then looked at Troy. “But right now, this is really good,” she said before taking his cake.

He laughed as she leaned back in his arms and continued to eat. Madison looked out on the dance floor and saw that various members of vampire nobility were talking amongst themselves. Her sister and brother in law were trapped in a corner with a handful of stuffy old men. The kids were out on the dancefloor dancing with Leigh, Jessica, and the ever-present Antonio. Madison put the cake down and turned to Troy again. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him gently. When she pulled away from his mouth, she smiled at him. “I didn’t plan on you,” she said softly. His golden eyes danced with amusement as she kissed him again.

He chuckled as she leaned against him. “That’s because I’m the wolf that ate your prince,” he commented. “He just rubbed off on me.”

She loved his humor. “You ate my prince? Really?”

Troy took her hand in his and entwined their fingers. “Yup. Since you were the evil queen, I had to become the big bad wolf.” His eyes danced with amusement as he kissed her knuckles. “Besides,” he comforted. “He was a frog.”

Madison couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped her. She leaned forward and kissed him. “I do love you, Troy,” she whispered against his mouth.

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