Writing Prompt Wednesday: Doubt


It’s Writing Prompt Wednesday again! This week, I’m going to go with the first couple I ever published, Chance and Christobal! Since I’ve been playing in their world for the past few weeks, I figured I may as well stop in and see what was going on with them. Hopefully, you will enjoy this little scene I’m calling Doubt.

This week’s prompt: Shake it until you see it.

Hope you enjoy!

*****(c) Dawn Ibanez 2017 All right reserved*****

“Shake it until you see it.”

“I don’t think it works that way.”

“Polaroids do.”

“Actually, they don’t.”

Chance frowned as she placed the small stick on the side of her sink. For weeks she would feel ill at different times. Her magic was barely under control and her emotions were even worse. “You would think that with as much magic that we have around here, finding out if someone’s pregnant should be simple, right?”

“Nothing about life and death is simple,” Freddie said softly. Her own magic still fluctuated. There were times when she would see the corpses of random people on the streets. Ghosts followed her periodically and once the corpses of various animals on the property followed her. Before Chance could apologize, she shook her head and smiled. “But that would also take out some of the fun and surprises.”

She just wanted to eat a burger without worrying if it would come back up. “I’ll remember that when it’s your turn.” Chance caught sight of her blush and leaned forward. “Does that mean I should have bought two?” she teased as she lifted the small box for the pregnancy test.

Freddie shook her head and rubbed at the back of her neck. “No, Daeon has been nothing short of a gentleman.” She leaned her head back against the door she sat against and sighed. “We’ve kissed a few times. But I just can’t get into it.”

Chance concentrated on washing her hands as she thought about Freddie’s hesitation. The elf that stole Freddie’s heart was still missing after a year. And now another elf seems to have taken a liken to her. “Have you told Daeon about Tristan?” she asked.

“He says that he’s completely fine with being patient. But if he’s anything like the other men we know, he’s totally not fine with it.” Freddie sighed as she brought her hand up to massage over her heart. “It’s just that I feel him still here. Like he’s just out of sync. And I could reach out and touch him if I tried hard enough.”

“Tristan wouldn’t want that,” Chance said as she dried her hands. She glanced at the test and frowned when she saw the single mandatory line of the test appear. “If he gets out, so does Asran.”

“And that bitch can rot,” Freddie said as she jumped to her feet.

Chance watched as she paced across the large bathroom and back. A muse left Chance as she leaned against the sink and crossed her arms over her stomach. “You realize the pacing thing is why I didn’t want Chris in here, right?”

Freddie paused and looked at her feet. She then smiled. “I actually figured it was because you didn’t want him to see you cry when you read the results.”

Chance rolled her eyes and turned away from both the test and Freddie. “I’ll be perfectly fine, no matter what it says.”


Chance looked out of a window and shook her head. “Absolutely not,” she replied. “Aubrey is a gem and I wouldn’t replace her for all of the power in the universe. But I don’t think I’d be that great as a mom.” When Freddie snorted, she frowned and looked at her friend. “What?”

“I’ve seen more than my fair share of bad parents. You will be amazing. I mean, come on, you’re an actual dragon. What better to guard the treasure that will be your child?” Freddie then shrugged before sitting on the side of the tub. “Hell, if I ever pop one out, they will be spending almost their entire life with Auntie Chance and Uncle Christobal. Maybe Uncle Drake too.”

Chance laughed as she felt her hands shake. “I don’t know if I can do this,” she whispered. Tears started to fill her eyes as she thought of a small child that was both a dragon and a phoenix. “I know I can’t. A mix of me and Chris? Do you realize that child will know zero fear?” she asked.

Freddie smiled. “That might be a good thing.” Chance’s glare made her laugh. “This way you know you won’t raise a wilting flower.”

Before Chance could reply, a small alarm went off. Both she and Freddie turned to the sink counter and looked at the small pregnancy test. Chance swallowed as she pressed her back against the window. “I can’t do this,” she said softly.

Freddie stepped in front of the sink and stood in front of Chance. “No matter what, you’ll be fine,” she said placing her hands on the other woman’s shoulders.

The touch grounded her. Chance inhaled as she tried to regain control of her trembling form. She blinked as Freddie lead her to the bathroom door. “What are you doing?” she asked in a whisper.

Freddie opened the door to reveal the prince of the fire demons pacing in front of their bed. She looked at Christobal and gently nudged Chance towards him. “We didn’t read the results,” she told him. When he frowned, she shook her head. “Chance is a little worried, and I think she should take a minute to calm down.”

Chance closed her eyes as Christobal’s arms wrapped around her body. She inhaled his scent and felt her body relax against him. Freddie was right. As long as she and her husband were together, they could take on anything.

Freddie went back into the bathroom and Chance took a minute to look at Christobal. “What are we going to do with a dragon/phoenix baby?” she asked in a whisper.

He smirked as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “We let it hatch, Kitten.” He laughed when she playfully pushed at his shoulder. Christobal lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. As he sat with her in his lap, he shook his head. “She will be loved and protected.”

Chance noticed his wording and raised an eyebrow at him. “And if it’s a boy?”

“He will be sent to the nearest, strictest demon army for training and discipline.” Christobal laughed when she made a choked noise of outrage. He pulled her closer and pressed a kiss to her lips. When she tried to bite him, he continued to laugh. “My son will probably be hell on wings. He’ll need it.”

“That is so sexist,” Chance said shaking her head. “What if your perfect little princess is hell on wings? Have you thought of that tough guy?”

Christobal smiled as he continued to hold her. “As you see with Aubrey, you will have to be the tough one. My princess will be nothing short of perfect.”

Chance laughed as she placed her head on his shoulder again. With everything they had gone through, Chance was always happiest when she was in his arms. She closed her eyes and let him hold her. “My prince will be just as perfect as your princess,” she told him.

Christobal pressed a kiss to her temple and leaned against the headboard. “You say that now. If he’s anything like me, you’ll want to throw him into an army the second he learns to fly.”

The door to the bathroom opened again to reveal Freddie. She looked at the couple and gave them a small smile. “I think Aubrey is going to enjoy being a big cousin,” she said as she held up the small stick test.

Chance’s eyes widened as she realized that the line she saw earlier was now joined by another matching one. She straightened as her hand flew to her abdomen. “It’s positive,” she said softly. When Freddie nodded at her, she climbed out of Christobal’s lap. “I’m having a baby?”

Freddie nodded as Chance approached her. The smile she wore widened as Chance took the instructions from her and read them again. Chance swallowed as she looked at the folded paper in her hands, the woman in front of her, and her husband.

Christobal brushed her hair away from her face. He gave her a worried look when tears started to fill her eyes. “Kitten, we’ll be fine,” he said in a reassuring tone. His sapphire eyes were nearly glowing with joy as he held her.

Chance swallowed as her mind tried to process the fact that she would have a baby within the next year. Both Christobal and Freddie were right. As long as she and Christobal were together, there wasn’t anything that could stand against them.

Unless their child ended up as stubborn as the pair of them combined.

Chance’s stomach suddenly went sour. “I’m going to be sick,” she mumbled before running into the bathroom.


That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for next week’s prompt: Well, that didn’t go as planned.


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