Pressure, Anticipation and Lip Sync Battles….


Hey everyone!

I really have to get better at updating this. It’s been entirely too long. And I hate to say it, there isn’t much new on the writing front.

I’ve been sitting and staring at One for Sorrow and the more I want to write, the more I try, the less I come up with. It’s bothering me to the point where I’ve been totally stagnant. I’m furious with myself. Everything that I used to do to try to bring myself back from the abyss of writer’s block hasn’t been working. So here I am, reading, gaming, and wasting time waiting for something to come to mind to write.

And I’m still getting nothing.

I know there are a lot of people who are waiting for something from me. Anything would be nice. There are started ideas across 2 computers, countless thumb drives, and Google Drive, but again, I can’t seem to get inspired enough to write it all down. I’m sorry that nothings. If I could sit here and say, One for Sorrow will be done and out in time for the summer, I would. I really would. But currently I’m feeling a little like: MfCnVOZ


The only real highlight I have going on at the moment are the Lip Sync Battles that I’ve been having with TB Bond. She and I have been going at it since the show started on Spike. We’ve been threatening each other with challenges since we saw them on Jimmy Fallon and now, it’s just something silly and entertaining to pass the time. You can look for them on my Facebook page if you haven’t seen them yet.

So this is all from me at the moment. Drop a line if you’re interested. I’m going to try to come up with something to write about… eventually…..



One thought on “Pressure, Anticipation and Lip Sync Battles….

  1. Girl, I feel ya. I’ve been in a writing funk for a while. In 2013, I finished up four (yes four) books, and then in 2014, at the first part of the year, I only finished up The Cherished One. Since then, I’ve only been able to REALLY write on one story, but I’m not sure I’m ready to venture into the publishing world with that series yet. Unfortunately, the Jagara Series has hit a draggy patch that feels like quicksand at times. I think I’m finally climbing out, but we’ll have to wait and see. There’s just so much going on in my life right now that I’m thoroughly distracted most of the time…even when I have free time to write.
    I hope we both break out of this funk we’re in…and soon.
    ❤ Mel

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