True Confessions: Jealousy



Hi everyone!!! 

I’ve been thinking about what I could put up here for more on my True Confession pieces, and in my wondering I came across an article that just makes me shake my head. I am someone who does not like promoting hate in any way, shape or form, so while I may bring this article to your attention, I won’t post a link to it. I think it’s also making the rounds on Facebook anyway.

It’s about how one aspiring author wants JK Rowling to step back and stop writing… for the sake of writing. To sum it up, the woman who wrote the article believes that JK is getting more than her fair share of the writing market because of the success of her unrealistic children’s book. Harry Potter has had his time, and now that JK is trying to move into the adult market, she’s pushing out all other authors for her substandard writing.

Here is where I will point out that the writer ADMITS she has NEVER read Harry Potter, and with as condescending as she was towards adults who read Harry Potter, I doubt she’s ever seen the movies.

The writer of the article also talks about how JK’s “crossover” books have made monetary success simply because of her name. Yet many reviews have said that they were mediocre at best and never would have been published if some Plain Jane said she wrote it.

Basically, the green-eyed monster is rearing his head.

The article says how JK is taking up too much room. Publishers won’t look at new stuff simply because JK already has something in the works (I’m guessing a sequel to the Cuckoo book she wrote). Stores won’t buy books from new untried authors because JK is a guaranteed seller.

Now, that I’ve recapped, here’s what I have to say… BULLSHIT!

The writer opened the article with how a friend of hers said people would look at it and just think that she’s just being jealous, but she’s not.

Yeah, she is.

I’ll admit this right here: I am jealous of Stephenie Meyer. I hate the Twilight Saga, I think it was poorly written with no character growth. I think Bella was a way for her to live out fantasies of being the odd-girl-out and then watching as all of the boys fall all over themselves to get to be with her.

But I will also admit this: I admire the HELL out of Stephenie Meyer simply because she was able to turn her novels into a worldwide sensation.

And guess what folks, I’ve read the whole series. I know there’s no real character growth. I know that all of those memes about how creepy Edward is because he watches Bella sleep, yeah… those are pretty accurate.

But I would never dare to say that someone should stop writing because I can’t get the press I deserve. As a writer, your own success or failure is on one person… YOU. Not the publishing house. Not the bookstores. And defiantly not the people reading.

It’s taken me a while to get to a point where I can stand here and support my friends and fellow authors. I always thought it was MY thing and while my friends could write, I was supposed to be an author. But after watching the relationship between Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter (two women I GREATLY admire) I took a good look at myself.

Just about everything in life is a competition. But for the longest time I’ve been competing against the wrong thing. I’m at a place where I can honestly say it’s not other authors I’m up against. It isn’t even Big Five-vs-Indie/Self.

It’s simply the author against the dollar.

As someone who enjoys reading, if I find an author I like I will buy their book. Shelf space doesn’t matter. Will I ever have the accolades that JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer? I doubt it. I don’t have the backing. Do I want all of that backing? Yes and no. I like having creative control over my things, and I don’t have to deal with having to please any of the Big Five. But with that goes having a lot of backing (it also goes into the whole traditional-vs-self publishing giant… and I’m not ready to tackle that here yet.).

There is only one piece of advise I can give any aspiring author…

Get over yourself.

It sounds harsh, I know. But there comes a time when you have to stand back and look at things with a grown up eye. We’re all big boys and girls. Just because my book is paranormal, and yours is YA urban fantasy, doesn’t make yours any better or worse than mine. And for the love of all that’s Holy, remember that there will always be someone better at certain things than you are. I suck at marketing. I admit it. But there are other’s that are raking in money hand over fist. Does that mean that the people who are good at it should move aside so my novels can have their fair share of time in the sun? Nope! Not for one second!

Should one person step aside and not write what’s in their hearts because they’ve already made a name for themselves in another genre? Absolutely not! The pure idea of someone even suggesting that is sheer stupidity.

This is a big world folks, and we’re only players in it.

Until next time!!!
Dawn 🙂


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