True Confessions: Love Scenes


Hey everyone!!!

Nothing really went on during the weekend. Yes, I watched the Superbowl. I can’t WAIT for some of those movies to come out. The game didn’t impress me at all… it just showed me why I don’t bet actual money LOL (yes, I was cheering for Denver).

But aside from that, I sat in front of my computer and looked at a love scene that has been staring at me since last Thursday. That’s what’s leading me to write this. I’m a Paranormal Romance author, but I have a confession to make….



I never know if they’re good enough, or hot enough. I don’t want it to read like instructions from Ikea (even though given some of those instructions… things COULD get interesting). I just hate insert Tab A into Slot B sex. I’ve read books like that before, and I never wanted to produce anything like that.

So I usually end up going through my iTunes and finding all of the songs that you can bump and grind to, and then get to work.

Only this time, I’ve been trying to put it off for as long as possible.

I’m working on the second love scene in One for Sorrow. It’s supposed to be tender, passionate, a pair of lovers trying to express their love without confessing they love each other…. and all that seems to come out is Insert Tab A into Slot B. It’s really frustrating.

What am I doing to combat this???


After I finish drooling, I’m going to do like Loki here and relax. The more you stress over something, the more it’s going to eat away at your soul… okay, it probably isn’t that serious, but it just feels like it is….

Then I’m going to breathe, get my head straight and do this. A friend suggested doing the band-aide approach… just do a 1k1hr or two, get the scene done. Then if I need to, go back and fix it. The whole going back to fix it is going to get me in trouble, I know it. But it may be the only way I can even think about getting this novel done even remotely on time.

Those are my plans for now. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to report better news to you all. Till then, Stay safe and warm!!!
Dawn 🙂


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