Cover Reveal!!! One for Sorrow!!!


Hey everyone!!

I should write this down in the history books… 2 posts in 1 day… but that’s all good. This is an exciting time. Like the title of this blog states, I have a cover reveal & back blurb for you all!!!!



That’s not the cover… that’s just my happy dance….

I’ll start my little reveal with the blurb:

A plan for world domination was put into play when the witch Olivia placed a curse on Adam Locksley nearly 1000 years ago. His true nature as a berserker would surface and he would lose his soul to darkness once the tattoo on his chest fully bloomed.

Izzy St. Pierre is a woman rumored to be the key to breaking the curse. Because of that, Olivia unleashed her army of Crows on the unsuspecting woman. What she didn’t know was that Adam was already sent out to protect her.

Now the pair must find a way to stop Olivia’s plans. Not just for Adam’s soul and Izzy’s life, but for the sake of the entire world.


I should be able to have it released some time in late May to early June. And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. Here is the cover of Book 1 in my new Murder of Crows series, One for Sorrow:

One for Sorrow

I hope you all like it… I personally LOVE it!!! Let me know what you think, please!!! You all know I adore comments!!!!

Till next time!!!
Dawn 🙂


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