Trying to Focus and Failing Miserably


Hi everyone!!! I’m sitting here and thinking about things to do and ideas to write. I am at that dangerous place between books. I’ll try out about 2 or 3 story lines. I’ll go so far as to write prologues for them… I may even get to a chapter 1 or 2, and then something happens that just makes everything fall apart…

Currently, I’m working on Auspicious Affairs (MI 4). But in my head there are 3 other ideas running around. An author with ADD isn’t a good thing LOL. I honestly don’t know how others do it. 

I’ll brush over the ideas so you can see how crowded my mind is at this point in time…

  1. Auspicious Affairs- This is Victor’s book. I don’t want it to become Madison and Troy Take 2, but that just may end up happening to an extent (Once Dangerous Dalliances is in your hands, you’ll understand). I also have to set up a few other characters. Maxwell Investigations is starting to branch out into an entire world.
  2. Demon’s Prey- The lead in this has been haunting me for years. And I’ve written and rewritten a prologue for this. Anya and Ciel are a couple that are close to my heart, and I’m wrestling with ways to get things right between them. At one point I was even considering the idea to make this a spin-off of the High Council line. 
  3. Demon’s Tango- Like a Tango, Aria and Brae’s book is going back and forth. I kind of painted myself in a corner with this Dragon’s Awakening, and now I have to take the time and make sure that I treat the situation with the respect it deserves.
  4. An Untitled Steampunk Romance- Yes, it always seems as if I have 1 untitled project. Between Precarious Possessions and Dangerous Dalliances, it was Demon’s Prey. Who knows what this one is going to be. I don’t even know how far I’m going to get with it. But here’s hoping 🙂

Doesn’t that seem like a lot??? And I won’t even start on my adventures (misadventures) of going to the Frederick Book Festival with my daughter over the weekend. We had an awesome time. I can’t wait to go back next year! And next year I’m going to have my own table. I just have to try to raise some funds first. 

Which is another thing that I’m doing. I’ve been trying to work on my marketing and found that I can get an account and raise some funds by accepting Donations. I don’t know how long I’m going to run it. The funds raised will be used to order pens, book marks and other freebies that I’ll have at my table next year. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance for your support!! This makes me a happy chibi….


And that’s gonna be all from me today. I’ll check back and let you all know what’s doing. Till then….
Dawn 🙂


(I found the dancing kitty on google. I own no part of her…)


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