Blood Ties- Chapter 1


Hey everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the fic!!! Here’s where things are going to start rolling….

Disclaimer– I don’t own Soul Calibur. Namco does. I’m just kidnapping the characters and roughing them up a bit. It makes life interesting. 🙂

Chapter 1

Metal clashed against metal. By now she was so used to the jarring feeling of each blow; it had become a part of her. A grimace crossed her face when her sandals sank into the blood soaked mud underneath her feet. “I just had these fixed,” she growled at the last man she faced.

He scoffed as pushed her back. It didn’t surprise him when she flipped out of his reach. If he hadn’t known before that she was a skilled fighter, he did after watching her cut down many of his fellow bandits. “You can get them cleaned,” he growled before swinging his ax at her again. “If I let you walk away from this.”

She dodged with almost no effort. Times like this she really wondered what drew her master to this sort of life. Chocolate eyes rolled when she heard horses coming from behind. “Do you really need to be any more cliché?” she asked plainly.

There are five more attacking from behind. One is armed with a pistol and another has a net.

Natsu straightened as she stood straight. The demon inside of her wouldn’t stand for her to be hurt. She would survive being shot, but it would not be pleasant. Arahabaki was a brat that way. She glanced over her shoulder and gave the men behind her a smile. “Arahabaki,” she called out.

The men around her all screamed as Arababaki’s powers erupted from her. A black and green mist surrounded each man and slowly ripped them to shreds. Natsu slowly approached the man that had been the leader of the bandit gang that attacked her. “I was going easy on you,” she said as he stood horrified. “But now you went and cheated, and I can’t let that slide.” She frowned as the scent of urine reached her nose. “That’s just gross,” she muttered before turning her back on him and walking towards her traveling bag.

Natsu looked up at the sky and sighed as the clouds rolled by. She could remember another set of screams on another day that were higher in pitch, but just as terrified. Tears threatened to appear as she took a step and felt blood soaking through her socks to her feet.

“Come, Arahabaki,” she snapped. She didn’t wait to see the carnage her demon caused. She didn’t need to. It was a nightmare she lived with ever since that first summoning.

You really have to let that go.

She wouldn’t acknowledge the demon. But it was starting to grow more and more difficult since she had stopped travelling with Leixia and the others. In the past five years, their travels had accomplished nothing in her search for her master. They only wandered, helped that handsome Grecian in battling the Soul Edge, wandered more and uncovered secrets that were better left buried. Natsu needed more. She needed to find Taki.

You want to know if the rumors are true. You don’t really care if she’s alive or dead. You need to know if she’s really your mother.

Natsu reached a small stream and quickly plunged her feet into it. The cold bothered her, but it would shut Arahabaki up for a while. Since she needed to think, she could deal with the water temperature. A smirk crossed her face as she sat in the water and settled in to meditate.

She didn’t know how long she sat there. She really couldn’t bring herself to care. But the sound of horses brought her out of her inner world. Natsu turned and instantly spotted a man she hadn’t seen in years. By his side was another, older man with a savage scar over his eyes and greying blonde hair. Natsu tilted her head to the side as she took in his appearance.

Patroklos hadn’t changed much over the years. His hair was still a study of wild curls. His clothes still as pristine as the day she met him. The main thing that had changed about him were his eyes. They used to hold the conviction of someone that knew he was going to do the right thing. Now they held shadows that housed nightmares.

The trio staying in their stalemate for a long moment. Natsu finally smiled, she would have to get rid of them soon so her quest could continue. “So, what brings you two to my neck of the world?” she asked easily.

A frown crossed his face. “I’m on a mission,” he replied. His voice had also gotten deeper.

Poor Patroklos, always so serious. He wouldn’t understand someone like you. He loves his light too much for us.

Natsu stood and was relieved when she saw that the blood was now gone from her clothes. “Mission? That sounds ominous.”

His horse stepped forward and carefully sipped at the water around her. Patroklos shrugged. “We have reason to believe that the swords are calling to warriors again.” He spied the way color drained from her eyes and continued. “I am having dreams. Pyrrah had nightmares so bad that she left home two weeks ago. We’re trying to find her before Soul Edge or Tira find her.”

Natsu frowned as she thought about all the stories Taki had told her about the two swords. Her eyes then turned to the mountain of a man that wore a dark cloak and large sword. “You’re on a quest for the swords as well?” she asked as she made her way out of the water. When he stayed silent, she raked her eyes over his form. There was something familiar about him, and she couldn’t help the childish words that escaped her. “Aren’t you kinda old?”

“Natsu,” Patroklos snapped. When she blinked at him, he took note of the dark shadows under her eyes. “This is Siegfried. He’s… dealt with both the Soul Edge, and Soul Calibur before.”

Siegfried. The man that ripped out Taki’s heart. Natsu looked at him again, this time her eyes more critically assessing. There was no denying that he was handsome. But there was a haunted look about him. And the way he was staring at her, it was a little unnerving. She turned her attention to Patroklos and folded her arms under her chest. “I’m not impressed. But what brings you out this far?”

“We’re looking for a friend of mine. If we are to destroy the swords for all time, then her skills may be needed,” Siegfried answered.

Natsu looked at him. She had a feeling she knew where this was going. “Who are you looking for?”

“A Fu-Ma ninja named Taki.”

Let me kill him! He hurt her before. I won’t give him the chance to do it again!

Natsu blinked as she mentally tried to calm Arahabaki. “She’s been gone for years,” she said before going to her own bag. “I’m still looking for her.”

Siegfried dismounted his horse and slowly approached the young woman. “Then it would be best if we worked together.”

“No.” Shaking hands reached for her blades.

Patroklos jumped from his own mount as her voice changed to the dark, sibilant tone of the possessed. “Natsu, it’s fine,” he said quickly. He had dealt with her demon only once before and even then Leixia had been the one to calm her down. Now he didn’t know what he was going to do with her. “Siegfried and I can go on. We don’t have to work together.” He stopped and inhaled sharply when her body became surrounded by a green glow.

“He won’t hurt her again!” Natsu shouted before launching herself at Siegfried. Growls escaped her as her attack was blocked by his sword. “She was broken over her choice! I won’t do that to her! Not when I can kill you!”

Siegfried blocked and deflected blow after blow, until Natsu’s ranting started to make sense. If the girl didn’t know who her parents really were, the demon inside of her did. As her blade scraped against his armor, he grabbed her by the back of her top and threw her against a tree. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he said as she picked herself up off of the ground. “I only want to find Taki and ask for her help.”

As expected, Natsu rushed at him again. Siegfried slammed his shoulder into her chest, throwing her to the ground again. The feeling of something cutting the sides of his face stopped him from going after her. This time when she jumped to her feet, Natsu’s brown eyes glowed red. “Do you know how many nights I saw her cry over you?” she asked.

Patroklos readied his sword at the sound of her voice. It was completely different than what it was before. Whoever this was about to attack Siegfried, it was not Natsu.

Siegfried lowered his sword slightly. “There were many nights when I wanted to go to her, but I couldn’t leave my quest behind. Now I think if I would have, things would be different now.”

She attacked. When she was close enough, she would try to get at him with her blades or feet. When he pushed her away, she would throw her kunai at him. Natsu landed a kick to his chest, knocking him off of his feet and smiled viciously. Before he could get up, she planted her foot on his chest and the tip of her blade at her throat. “Nothing would be different. And she’ll never know that.”

“You would have had your father. And your mother would have been able to keep you.” Siegfried saw the shock in her eyes and swept her feet from under her. As he came to his feet, he grabbed her by her neck. “This isn’t how I wanted this to go,” he mumbled before slamming his fist into her face. As her body went limp, Siegfried felt the cool kiss of a blade at his throat. “Patroklos,” he said with a sigh.

“Let her go,” the younger man said. A fight was a fight. But he would not sit back and let his mentor hurt her unnecessarily. “She doesn’t want to come with us.”

Siegfried looked at Patroklos. “She’s coming with us.” He shifted his hold on her and cradled her close.

“Why? And what did she mean by those ramblings?”

Saddened blue eyes looked at the girl. The journal descriptions were off. While she did have his mother’s coloring, she had her mother’s face. “She believes I hurt Taki,” he said quietly. “And I need to make this right.”

Patroklos shook his head. “She’s not going to want to listen to you,” he said sheathing his own blade. “I don’t know why you’re trying so hard.”

Siegfried looked at the girl in his arms. The girl that his own actions caused to damn. “Why are you trying so hard to find Pyrrah?” he asked suddenly.

Emerald eyes blinked. “She’s family.”

Siegfried nodded as he placed Natsu on the ground and started to make camp. “Exactly.”


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