Blood Ties- Prologue



I remember when I first met him. He was so young and so idealistic that I couldn’t help but hate him. No, that isn’t completely true. I was envious of his innocence. I was 22 and he was only 17. He believed everything could be set right with the might of his sword. I was jaded enough to know better.

He became corrupted in the name of good. Listening to the stories of the Azure Nightmare made me ill. And hearing of the horrors and atrocities this good, good boy inflicted broke my heart.

I’m ashamed to admit there was a part of me that was glad he had fallen. I would never wish Nightmare on anyone. But he made Siegfried less clean.

By the time he was able to free himself, he was a changed man. Gone was the boy who wanted to save the world with his might. In his place was a scarred man hell-bent on ridding the world of the evil of Soul Edge.

We met again on the evening where I was my most betrayed. Heishiro had taken the Soul Edge and ran. I knew he wanted it, but on some level, I had thought our travels changed his mind. They didn’t.

I had to fight a man I considered a friend. And in the end, I lost.

When I came to, I looked up into a pair of impossibly blue eyes. He had come in search of the sword as well. That was when I learned about the Spirit sword. That was the beginning and the end of us.

We traveled together after that. The need to destroy the Cursed Sword rode both of us. My occupation as a Demon Hunter would allow nothing less, but for him, this was personal.

I tried to tell him that. Soul Calibur was no better than Soul Edge. Both swords wanted absolutes. Either way, they would lead to his demise.

He didn’t believe me. And in a way, I didn’t want to believe me. Over the years he and I traveled together, I started to fall for him. Siegfried was tortured by his past, and all he wanted was to make amends. But there were times that I could see glimpses of the man he would have been. When we found Algol’s stronghold I was torn by my feelings and my knowledge.

The night before we went off in search of the Soul Edge, Siegfried and I shared one night.

A night that I will treasure forever.

In those dark hours, it was only the two of us. Not as warriors, but as a man and his woman. And I refuse to lie to myself any longer. I am his woman.

But when first light came, I left him. I fought on my own to find Algol. He fought on his own for the same purpose. Siegfried got there before I did and fought the Hero King. The Heavens were ripped open and Chaos was about to take over. When he killed Algol and destroyed Soul Edge, the scales of balance were tipped.

There was no other choice for me. And I will hate myself forever for it.

As Siegfried stood victorious, I ran him through with my own blade. He questioned his methods as the power of the Soul Calibur slowly over took him. I couldn’t tell him what I really wanted to. We both knew that the Spirit Sword was just as bad as the Cursed Blade. He wanted to use one to defeat the other, when he had to defeat himself first.

I left him on that tower. He was encased in ice, dead to me. Both swords were gone from this world. The rip in time and space sealed up, leaving nothing but the slowly dawning sky. I ran away, knowing that I would never forgive myself for destroying my love.

It wasn’t until I reached home that I realized exactly what I had done. My cycle hadn’t come, and I had been feeling ill. I went to Chie to see what she thought. It was as I feared. In leaving Siegfried to his fate, I damned the child I was carrying to a life without a father.

In the Fu-Ma clan, unwed mothers were frowned upon. Knowing that the father was once the Azure Nightmare would have made it an instant target. So I left. In my travels over the years I made a lot of friends. I went to China and stayed in the home of Xianghua and her betrothed. I gave birth to the most precious of little girls. She looked like the description of her father’s mother. But there was a darkness in her that I couldn’t describe.

I took her to a village elder and discovered that because of both me and Siegfried, a demon bonded with her. My precious daughter was only days old and a target for many.

The only place I could take her was back to my clan. I told them all she was an orphan I found and begged Chie to take her in. I’ve been watching over her ever since.

She has become my prize pupil. Of course there are a few things I find disturbing. But lately I notice the shadows under her eyes. She doesn’t think I know about how she wakes up screaming. I need to find the home of Arahabaki. At this point I would make a deal with the devil himself to save my daughter. Especially after what happened to Sophitia and her family.

The cycle of the two swords is coming around again. I can only pray that Fate will be kinder to my Natsu-chan, than she was to Siegfried and me.

* * * * *

Blue eyes looked over the journal he had been given. The small innkeeper stood stoically with her shoulders drawn back. There weren’t many that would look at him in such a way. Not if they knew his history. “This is all she left?” he asked in Japanese.

She slowly nodded before returning to the counter of her establishment. She knew who the man in front of her was. Her dear friend spoke of him so often it was almost as if she had been on their adventures herself.

He tapped his fingers on the leather bound spine as he tried to think of a way to communicate with this woman that involved more than yes or no questions. A frustrated sigh left him as he dropped his shoulders and gave her a pleading look. “I need to find this Natsu girl. Do you know where she went?”

The silent woman’s hand flashed. He ducked just as a blade flew across the inn and struck a map on the wall. When he turned wide eyes on her, she simply smiled and arched an eyebrow.

He turned to the map and saw the knife had landed on a familiar village in China. He looked at the innkeeper and nodded. “Thank you Chie,” he said before leaving.

Chie’s smile blossomed as he walked out of her door. Taki’s disappearance had disturbed them all. Hopefully, between the man she loved and the daughter she adored, the Kunochi could be found.

* * * * *

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Calibur, its characters, those lovely people at NAMCO do. I’m doing this strictly for fun.


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